Sunday, August 30, 2009

Henry & Elizabeth (Armitage) Meinzen & family

This is another photocopy from the box from Aunt Polly's possessions. If you click on the photo you can see it larger.

The year? Based on the sleeves on the dresses it's probably at least 1894 but possibly early 1900s too. Perhaps more research on clothing styles will reveal more.

The people? Henry is sitting front right between two children. He was born in 1837 so he's probably close to or over 60 in this photo. Elizabeth is seated behind him. Except for her dress you might almost think she's a man with her hair pulled so severely back from her face.

The younger women? Henry and Elizabeth had 6 known daughters (and possible others who were either miscarriages, stillborn babies, or died soon after birth). The 6 known are:

Hannah, born 1875
Isabella Marie (or Marie Isabella), born 1880
Elizabeth Wilhelmina, born 1885
Lula Bernesa, born 1887
Bertha, born 1888
Naomi, born 1898

Could any of the young women in this photo be any of those daughters?
Hannah married in 1907 and had her first child in 1908.
Isabella married in 1901 and had her first child, a son, in 1903; another son in 1904, and a daughter in 1905.
Elizabeth Wilhelmina (Mina) married in 1910 and had her first child in 1914.
Lula Bernesa married in 1911 and had no children.
Bertha married in 1906 and had a son in 1909/1910.
And Naomi married in 1916 and had no children.

Of the women in the photograph, if (which is a big if!) the photo was taken in about 1895, Hannah would have been 20, Isabella would have been 15, Wilhelmina would have been 10, Bertha would have been 8, and Naomi wouldn't have been born yet.

The man? Is he the husband of one of the women? Or is he one of Henry and Elizabeth's sons? They had 7 sons (not counting miscarriages, stillbirths, or very young deaths). Their sons are:

Henry, born 1870
William, born 1872 (died 1888)
Edward, born 1879 (died 1911)
Walter, born 1882 (died 1907)
William Carl Robert, born 1892
Jacob, born 1893 (died 1917)
Carl Nelson, born 1896 (died 1896)

Could the man on the left be Henry (who would have been 25 in 1895). He looks too old to be any of the other sons.

And the children? I think, from left to right, they are girl, boy, boy, girl, girl. They all seem to have short hair. Could there have been an epidemic not long before this photo was taken and they lost their hair or had it cut off? The two on the right are definitely girls, maybe ages 7 to 10. The girl on the right in front sort of looks like Aunt Lulu. The girl behind could be, maybe, Aunt Belle or Aunt Mina?

I don't know who the people in the photo are other than Henry and Elizabeth, but I want to know. I hope someone who knows will eventually see this blog or the original photographs and confirm/clarify some information. I want to know who all the people in the photograph are. I want to know where this was taken and what year it was taken. I want to know why the girls have such short hair and how old Henry and Elizabeth were. I want to know what year Elizabeth's dress was made. And I have a million other questions I want to ask them....

Do you see any family resemblances, especially you who knew the aunts and uncles in person? Do you recognize anyone from other photos you've seen? I hope you'll share your thoughts, impressions, knowledge, insights, etc.

Cowboys and Cowboys!

Cowboys and Indians was a favorite childhood game of the 1950s -- at least in our neighbhorhood, which sometimes became Cowboys and Cowboys, as in these photos.

Who is the boy with David? Where were the photos taken?

David 's Friends

I don't think either of these boys is David. Perhaps they are the Noel brothers?

Does anyone recognize where this photo was taken?

Does anyone know what's in the buckets in the wagon?

Is there a story to go with this photo?

Saturday, August 29, 2009

David Must Have Been a Favorite!

Of all the photographs in the box from Aunt Polly there are more of David than anyone else.

It was fun to look at these in sequence and watch the changes from babyhood, through toddler, boyhood, and into young teen.

Of the above photos, my favorite is the one with him in a striped shirt holding the football. Adorable!

More photos of David:

And Still More Photos of David!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Marsha and David, Easter, 1958

The photo of Marsha was taken in Gramma and Grampa's backyard in the house on Furnace Street. We're looking northeast. The barren fields may now be covered with trees or houses.

Marsha would have been about 15 in this photo. Don't you think she looks older and more mature than 15?

I think this photo of David was also taken at Gramma and Grampa's but I'm not sure. At first I thought it was in their driveway looking westward toward Hancox's, but the rest of the buildings are wrong. If anyone recognizes the location of the photo, please post a note in the comment section below.

Doesn't David look handsome? I think he is several years younger than Marsha so perhaps he was in his early teens in this photo.

The photo arrived damaged but the damage was in the print itself, not on the photo. The surface of the photograph is smooth. Don't know what happened. At least we can still see David!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Gramma Elizabeth Armitage Meinzen and her sister, Ann Armitage Hardy

I wouldn't want to mess with the lady on the left but maybe I could give the lady on the right a hug. The lady on the left with her hand on her hip is Ann (or Annie) Armitage Hardy. On the right, with the glass of water (or some other liquid) in her hand, is Elizabeth Armitage Meinzen. I don't know who the boy in the middle is.

This image came from Aunt Polly's box and is a black and white photocopy of an original photograph. The original photograph was not in the box so this is the best we're going to get unless I can track down who has the original.

Based on the clothing styles, this photograph may have been taken between 1898 and 1908. The hats could be from as early as 1893, up to or a little after 1908. More research may narrow the date.

Annie was born in 1850, the daughter of Abel Armitage and (as far as I can learn to date) his wife, Eliza. Elizabeth was born in 1852 to the same parents, in Yorkshire, England. According to census records, they came to the U.S. in 1864.

I want to know more about this photograph. It was probably taken in or around Steubenville, Ohio, because that's where they lived. But I want to know what year it was taken and who took the it. I want to know why Gramma Elizabeth is so primly holding a glass of water. Why are she and Annie dressed up for a photograph in the country? And why were they there? Were they at a picnic and if so, did people normally get dressed up for picnics? Who is the little boy? Is he one of their sons or a grandson? Grampa Meinzen (William Carl Robert) was born in 1892 and his brother Jacob was born in 1893. If this photo was taken after 1900, either would have been 8 or older. How old does this boy look?

Aunt Annie looks so very serious, almost grumpy. Gramma Elizabeth looks serious but perhaps there's a hint of gentleness about her mouth. She must have been a well-loved lady: three granddaughters were named after her.

Gramma Elizabeth was diagnosed with cancer of the face in 1917 at the age of 65. She died 3 years later in June, 1920.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

"The Box"

The following is a list of items (except family photographs) from Aunt Polly's apartment which Mary Lowe sent to me in "the box." I'll scan the family photos and post them, hopefully within the next week or two.

If anyone who reads this wants any of the items listed below, please make a request in the comment section of this blog or send me an email. Some items have already been claimed, indicated by a family name in parentheses after the item.

Get ready. It's a long list. And now (drum roll, please) . . . .

The Contents of the box (in no particular order)

Jewelry. I tried to photograph these but they were too small to get a good image with my camera, even at the macro setting. Sorry. You'll have to imagine them if you can.
-- very small pin, gold in color, ~3/8". Has shield with 4 diamond shapes across the center. Other shapes not discernable; has tiny, tiny rectangles with non-English writing near bottom of pin.
-- pin, gold in color, ~ 3/4" x 3/8", oval in shape, with 7 tiny musical pipes in the center. Around the edge are the letters "M", "A", and "I" inside tiny black shield shapes. Between the shield shapes are tiny white "dots." I can't tell if they are stones or silver or...? Two tiny, short chains connect from the main pin. Attached at the end of one chain is a bow (as for a stringed instrument). Attached at the end of the other pin are the letters "A" and "N".

Folder with title "Slide File Index"
-- 13 pinkish photographs of unnamed, unidentified locations
-- 2 photosgraphs of the Thousand Islands (also pinkish) attached to a typewritten list with the title "Indiana, Ozarks, Kentucky, Tennesses, 1955"
-- handwritten lists of slides dated 1955, 1956, 1957, 1961; typewritten lists dated 1964, 1965, 1966-spring, 1966-trip west, 1967-spring, 1967-Florida & Nassau.

Graduation announcement for Jeff (to Jeff P.)

Envelope with
-- article with photo about Pauline "Polly" Meinzen from The Plain Dealer, May 27, 2005
-- Certificate of Death for W. C. Robert Meinzen (Nancy M.)
-- mass remembrance card for Polly Meinzen from Sam & Jean [illegible last name]
-- envelope with 7 photographs. On outside is written "Polly's Apartment/Carlton Park, Lorain Ave." [That note makes me think Mary Lowe - and possibly others - removed/kept some of the photos and other things they may have wanted. Some of the family photos had also been ripped out of an album - but at least we have the photos!]

Handwritten resume/life notes dating from 1933 to 1989

Handwritten note, "Played for him in the Mineral Ridge High School Band... October 1940... Franklin Delano Roosevelt.... Played bass horn...."

International Driving Permit, April 16, 1971

Envelope with
-- program for "The Belle of the West," presented by the Eighth Grade Mixed Choir under the direction of Miss Polly Meinzen, December 2-3, 1954. Schaaf Junior High School
-- newspaper article, "Schaaf Singers Do Western" from unnamed, undated newspaper
-- newspaper article with photos, "Parma Schaaf 8th Grade To Stage Western Play" by Joseph Manak, from unnamed, undated newspaper
-- newspaper article, "Western Comedy Rides Range At Parma Schaaf" from unnamed, undated newspaper
-- photographs of players: Nadine Ruple (Carmen); Bonnie Beuditz (Colorado Carrie) and Ricky Zeuch (Handsome Harry); Carol Toth (Boise Bess) and Daryl Kinion (Speedy Summers); Sandy SChuller (Missouri Myrt), Kay Holland (Nevada Nettie), and Judie Whitford (Laramie Lou); Caroline Simon (Seattle Sue) and Richard Klym (Cussin' Cal); Diane Heaton (Ida Mae Brown); and Yvonne Vignuelle (Klondike Kittie) and Ron Lendvay (Sure-Shot Sam).
-- 2 notes of gratitude, one small and brief; the other, larger, with about 52 signatures of students
[For other family historians who may be searching for ancestors in the above group of people, I hope to scan the photos and include them in this blog. I know, it's not OUR family, but I would be thrilled to find this information for any of our ancestors!]

Binder (1/2") with the following items
-- 1955 Ohio Department of Education (ODE) Permanent Special certificate, Music (with 7 photocopies)
-- 1965 ODE Provisional Pupil Personnel Service certificate, Guidance Counselor
-- 1968 ODE Provisional High School Principal's certificate
-- 1968 ODE Provisional Supervisor's certificate, Secondary Education
-- 1968 ODE Provisional Educational Administrative Specialist's certificate, Pupil Personnel Administration
-- 1969 ODE Professional Pupil Personnel certificate, School Counselor
-- 1971 ODE Professional Supervisor certificate, Supervision in Secondary Education
-- 1971 ODE Professional High School Principal certificate
-- 1972 ODE New Professional Educ. Admin. Specialist certificate, Pupil Pers. Admin.
-- 1977 ODE Professional Pupil Personnel certificate, School Counselor
-- 1979 ODE Permanent New Supervisor certificate, Elementary
-- 1979 ODE Permanent School Counselor New certificate
-- 1979 ODE Permanent High School Principal New certificate
-- 1968-69 East Cleveland City School (ECCS) Teacher's Limited Contract, Kirk Junior High ($13,404.00)
-- 1969 ECCS contract, W. H. Kirk Junior High School ($15,120.09)
-- 1970-71 ECCS contact - Kirk Junior High Administrative Assistant ($15,492.00)
-- 1971 ECCS contract - Teachers Continuing
-- 1971 ECCS contract - Teacher's Limited Supplement contract - Administrative Assistant - Special Activities ($1,452.00)
-- 1972-73 ECCS contract - Administrative Assistant, Special Activities ($1,498.03)
-- 1972-73 ECCS contract ($15,672.00)
-- 1973-74 ECCS contract, Assistant Principal - Kirk ($17,400.00 for 40 weeks)
-- 1945-50 Youngstown College Academic Record
-- 1953-54 Western Reserve University transcript (official), Graduate School
-- 21 Oct 1966 University of Colorado transcript
-- 1968 (winter) Western Reserve University transcript with grade report
-- 17 Jan 1968 University of Hawaii transcript
-- 1971 Ohio Wesleyan University transcript (official), German Study in Salzburg, Austria
-- no date Case Western Reserve University Official Student Schedule, student's copy
-- 1972-73 The Cleveland State University transcript
-- 9 Mar 1979 completed ODE application for certificate
-- photocopy of index card with certificates and issue dates
-- handwritten page with dates and certificates
-- 1 Mar 1979 - letter of resignation to East Cleveland Board of Education

Miscellaneous loose photos and photo album pages
-- ship, older woman in dooryway of room (probably on ship); older woman on ladder to top bunk; on reverse side is fact sheet about and layout of "Regal Princess"
-- 5 loose photos (faded): sailboats; sign pointing left to Shelburne and right to Ohio; monument with soldier in front; graveyard with white tombstones; desk in office
-- poster of Alaska Cruise with note, "Finally made it- with this trip I have been in all 50 states at least once." Dated 1992. On reverse, itinerary and boarding passes - Cleveland to Chicago; San Francisco to SLC to Denver to Chicago, dated 1992
-- 2 group photos, both including Aunt Polly
-- Christmas photos: creche; stockings; small Christmas tree (2); embroidered sweater; fireplace; desk with teddy bear; Aunt Polly in recliner; table set for buffet
-- Aunt Polly and unknown woman standing behind life preserver of Queen Elizabeth 2, Southampton. Along edge of photo: "Queen Elizabeth 2, 10th Anniversary, year 1979." [Unknown woman is probably Dr. E. Boyer - see QEII info below.]
-- Aunt Polly and unknown woman standing behind life preserver of Nautica Queen, Cleveland Ohio
-- group photo of Aunt Polly and unknown individuals
-- "Pam's folks' house - 1986, Greg-11 (next to Pam); Mike-9 (next to Doug)." No last names.
-- woman with 2 young men, Scott and Rob
-- boy about 8-10 years old in suit, kneeling with hands folded, holding rosary

Itinerary and memorabilia folder from 10th Anniversary Queen Elizabeth trip, September, 1979. Itinerary is written for Dr. E. Boyer and Ms. Polly Meinzen

Envelope of professional photos of Aunt Polly from West & West Photographers, in both color and black and white. These photos were probably taken at 2 different times, a guess based on the change in glasses frames.

Audiodisc (vinyl recording) - unnamed, undated [I think Brenna has an old record player. If I can find it, perhaps I'll listen to the record.

Family Information (to Nancy Messier)
-- 3 photocopies of letter Aunt Polly sent disowning family dated June 1, 1980
-- Warranty Deed from Edward J. Bickerstaff and Mary Bickerstaff to William C. R. Meinzen and Emma B. Meinzen, Feb 1932. This has signatures of Edward J. and Mary Bickerstaff. If anyone is interested I will scan this document and put it on this blog or make photocopies and mail them.
-- bills and 2 receipts from Lane Funeral Home
-- letter from attorney Joseph F. Ciaston to Pauline Meinzen, Oct. 12, 1979
-- empty envelope (postmark dated 14 Mar 1980) with Aunt Polly's writing on the outside - "Copy of bill arrived showing no further payments. Sent note saying I had paid my share. Sisters owe this bill."

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Photos from the Box

I've been thinking about doing a family history blog for a while.... I've done all this research and collected all this information and it sits alone on my shelves and in files on my computer until I pull it out to add more information. I've hesitated to start a blog for a variety of considerations and questions:

  • Would it take too much time? (I love to write but take too long to compose and edit.)
  • Did I have enough photos scanned? (I have few photos and little experience scanning.)
  • Should I have a blog for each family line or just one blog?
  • Are there any family members who are really interested?
  • Are other researchers searching for my family and could we help each other?
  • Would others be satisfied to have digital images or would they prefer papers copies?

All those considerations went by the wayside when a box arrived in the mail this past week. After my grandfather died, my mother's youngest sister (my youngest aunt) disowned the rest of the family and "ran off" with the family goods. This aunt passed away a year ago and family members were able to retrieve a few items that had belonged to parents and grandparents before a tag sale. (My choice ran to family photographs.) In the spring of this year, this aunt's executrix indicated that there was a box of photos and personal papers that she thought should go to someone in the family. I sent her a check and asked her to send the box. It finally arrived this past Monday.

While this box is not "full" of family photos, there are a good number of them that I think others in the family might like to see -- some of ancestors, some of living relatives. How could I get copies of these photos to everyone who wanted them? How could I let everyone see the photos to choose which they wanted? Suddenly it made sense to start a blog, post the photos, and then let others look and choose to either copy the photos to their own computers or ask for paper copies duplicated at a photo store.

This blog is an experiment. I hope it will be successful. Upcoming posts will include photos from the box and eventually some other photos collected from other sources.

I invite you who visit to leave a message, a note, a memory, a thought, an insight, a story, identify people and locations in photos, etc. Input is welcome! Thanks.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Joyful Moments

Isn't this a wonderful photo of Audrey Meinzen and Lee Doyle?

I love how happy they look.

This was taken in 1937.

They were married on September 15, 1938, in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.
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