Monday, December 31, 2018

A Year in Review: 2019

My family history progress this year was less than spectacular.  Research was sporadic and not nearly as focused as in years past, and blog posts even more sporadic.  In September my research and blogging dipped to a new low as other responsibilities called me away from family history.  But there were some good finds and some good posts.

I continued to search the trail of my Doyle and Reay ancestors and collaterals in Northumberland, my father's side of the family.   Blog posts concerning these families thread their way through the year.

Behind the scenes, here near my computer where none of you see, I still have that pile of Doyle files yet to be entered into RootsMagic.  I organized them but some little fellow who visited over Christmas moved them and I think they'll need to be reorganized again.  Perhaps it is the impetus I need to organize and enter them.

Most viewed posts in 2019 (least to most viewed)

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I hope to spend more time working on family history this year, if I can keep the rest of my life out of the way.  It brings me so much joy and peace to search for my ancestors, learn about the places and times in which they lived, and share with others here on my blog.

Here's looking forward to great research and great blog posts for all fellow researchers and bloggers in 2019!


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  1. Sometimes I wish I had a stack to sort through. Not finding new information is so frustrating. If only I could twitch my nose and pop in to the courthouses and libraries in cities that might have the information I seek!

    1. When I first began working on family history someone told that the most information will be found in the first year. I thought it was a little unkind of her to tell me that at the beginning of my search but I think she's right. The further back one goes (and you've gone very far back, Wendy) the harder it is to find information.

      If you figure out the nose twitch, please tell me the secret because it won't be long till I'll need it!


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