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Thursday, February 13, 2014

52 Ancestors - Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle Lengauer Leathers was my paternal grandfather Gust Doyle's older sister.  Their parents were William and Tressa Rose (Froman) Doyle. 

1886 December 25
Emma was born in Stoneboro, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  She was the first child in the family.

1888 November 17
Sibling Gust Doyle was born in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.

1891 December 9
Sibling Hazel Doyle was born in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.

1905 July 5
Emma married John Lengauer, Jr., in Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania, by M. A. Henderson.  Hazel and John were both 21 years old and both lived in Stoneboro.  He worked as a miner. 

1905 November 22
Madelyn Lengauer was born.

1907 July 3
Evelyn Lengauer was born.

1910 April
This 1910 U. S. Census shows Emma and both daughters living in the home of her parents in Stoneboro.  She was recorded as 23 years old, a widow, having been married 5 years.  Madelyn was 4, Evelyn was 2.  Family sources indicate that John died in a mining accident but those sources do not include a date of death or burial location.

1913 June 26
Emma Doyle Lengauer married Chauncey E. Leathers in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  Both were 26 and both lived in Stoneboro.  Chauncey was a railroad conductor.

1920 January
The 1920 U.S. Census recorded Emma and Chauncey living in Stoneboro, six houses away from her parents.  Chauncey was recorded as 34 years old, Emma as 33, Madeline as 14, and Evelyn as 12.  He was still a conductor with the railroad.

1930 April
The 1930 U.S. Census recorded Emma and Chauncey living on Maple Street in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.  Neither daughter was recorded as living with them in April, 1930.  Chauncey was a conductor for a steam rail road.

1930 March 27
Emma's mother, Tressa Rose (Froman) Doyle died.

The 1940 U.S. census recorded Emma and Edward living on Lake Street in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.  Both were 53 years old and Edward was still a conductor with the railroad.  In all previous records Edward had been recorded as Chauncey E. or Chauncey Edward.  Perhaps he was usually called Edward or perhaps the name Chauncey went out of fashion.  Also living with Emma and Chauncey was Emma's widowed father, William Doyle, age 77.

1956 June 2
Emma died.  She was buried two days later at Oak Hill Cemetery in Sandy Lake Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Because my father's mother passed away in 1913 when he was just over a month old, he was cared for by family members.  During his toddler years he spent time with his paternal grandmother and his aunts, Emma and Hazel.  He was close to both of them as a child so it surprises me that there are no photographs of Aunt Emma.  I'm sure we visited as a family when I was a child but the visits were rare enough (or my childhood memory dim enough) that I don't remember her.

Yet to Do
  • Find death year for John Lengauer, Jr.  If it's true he died in a mining accident it's possible there would have been a newspaper article about the accident or a government accident report.  The 1910 Census indicates that Emma was a widow and had been married 5 years.  Since she married in 1905, I don't know if that suggests that John died in 1910 or that even though she's a widow, Emma considers herself still married.  At any rate, John would have died no earlier than mid-1906 since Evelyn was born in July 1907. 
  • Find  Chauncey Edward Leathers death date and a death certificate, if possible.
  • Find a death certificate Emma Doyle Lengauer Leathers.

. . . . . . . . . .

This post is in response to Amy Johnson Crow's call to her readers to write about 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks


Friday, June 7, 2013

T is for Timelines - Family History Through the Alphabet

I think of timelines as one of those essential tools to help find gaps in information about an ancestor; to help discover possible inconsistencies; and to help place an ancestor in his environmental setting at any particular time.  Timelines may be especially useful when trying to figure out where to turn next to find more  information about an ancestor.  I think they are a concise way to see an overview of an ancestor's life.

I include every event I learn about an ancestor and note the date (of course!) and geographic location where the event took place.  I think it's important to include a note in the timeline after each entry giving abbreviated source details about where you found the information.  (You'll have recorded a full citation elsewhere, such as in your genealogy software program.)

Sometimes dates and ages are calculated from a census, other times the record gives the age and date.  Here are some of the things I include in my timelines.  Possible sources are in parentheses.
  • Birth dates and ages of the focus ancestor and every member of his/her family (civil record, church record, newspaper announcement, obituary, gravestone, death record, interment record)
  • Baptism, christening, confirmation  (church records, possibly newspaper announcements)
  • Immigration information (passenger lists)
  • Naturalization (county or federal government records)
  • Marriage (government or church documents, calculated from some census records, newspaper announcements)
  • Divorce (government documents, vital statistics in some newspapers)
  • Property purchases and sales (county records)
  • Military service (government documents, newspaper articles)
  • Moves/relocations (census records, city/county directories, newspaper articles)
  • Wills (county records, newspaper announcements)
  • Deaths of individual and all family members (government records, church records, grave markers, obituaries, interment records)

I think of timelines as working tools, subject to change as I learn more information about my ancestor.  If a birth year is calculated from a census record, I may learn more accurate information from some other source, and then I change it and make an additional note about where I found the information.

Timelines sometimes help me sort out information.
  • Ages:  Is the mother old enough to have a child, too old to have a child?  Are the children spaced at least 9 months apart?  Is there a wide age gap (3 or more years) between siblings?  Perhaps a child was stillborn or died without being recorded in a census.
  • Immigration:  If an ancestor is located in a distant city two days after his ship arrived in the U.S., perhaps they are two different people. 
  • Moves:  If the ancestor is in different locations in consecutive census records, it can narrow down the date he moved to at least 10 years.  Additional research (city/county directories, state census reports, property records) may help narrow the move even further.
  • Local and world events:  I include these if I suspect my ancestor immigrated (from any location to another) because of problems in his homeland or previous location.  Knowing that the community scorned people from his homeland would help me understand a move to a new community.  War may be another reason for an ancestor to move.

I've noticed that many people like to make horizontal timelines, probably because we think of time as horizontally linear (at least I do).  I find a vertical timeline easier to use when I know I'm going to be adding information.  Using a computer I can insert dates and just move the information below it down.

Your genealogy software program may be helpful to you.  If you've included as much information as you know about an ancestor you may be able to use it to begin a timeline.  By clicking on an ancestor's page in RootsMagic, it shows me the date of every event I've added for that person.  That will be a good basis for an even more extended timeline (or incentive to add all the information to the software program). 

For more information about timelines
  • Do a google image search with the words "timeline family history" and see how others have created timelines.
  • Look at FamilySearch's US Timelines - Creation and Use with Families or Family Tree Magazine's  Create a Personal Timeline where you can read more suggestions and ideas about timelines.
  • For those researching in the United Kingdom, the BBC Timeline Tool gives a nice historic overview of national and local events that may help you understand more about your ancestor's situation and the reason for some of his/her decisions.
I've posted three timeslines:  Elvira Bartley Gerner - Her Years from Birth to Burial, Timeline for Harry Hepler, and Every Scrap of Evidence - Timeline for Henry Meinzen.  They are not perfect timelines but they helped at the time I was researching the individual.

This post was created to participate in Alona Tester's Family History Through the Alphabet challenge at Genealogy and History News.  Thanks, Alona. 


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Timeline for Harry Hepler

This is an effort to compile in one place all the information available to me at this time for Harry H. Hepler, husband of Ida Gerner. I'd like to reunite Harry, Ida, and daughter Lucille, at least on paper, to complete their little family circle.

1876 - Mar
Harry H. Hepler born March, 1876, in Penna. (1900 census)

Harry H. Hepler and Ida Gerner marry (1900 census)

1900 - Jun
Harry H. Hepler, living with wife Ida in Elwood City, Lawrence County, Penna., married 0 years; born March 1876 in Penna; glassblower (1900 census)

1904 - Mar 27
Daughter Lucille born in Franklin, Harrison, Ohio (familysearch)

1904 - Oct 9
Ida dies in Butler County, Penna. (Ida’s Butler Eagle obituary. Harry is not mentioned in the obituary.)

1912 - Feb 2
Daughter Lucille dies in Jefferson Twp., Butler, Penna. (Butler Eagle obituary)

Below MAY be Ida Gerner’s widow Harry Hepler and his second wife, Rose/Rosanna Heim/Hyme:

1900 - Jun
Rose Hyme, 15 years, living with mother, Magdline Hyme & sister, Margaret Townsend, in Hocking Twp. South & East, Fairfield, Ohio (1900 census)

1906 - Jul 6
H. H. Hepler (b. 1877) marries Rose Heim (b. 1885) in Covington, Kenton, KY
(“Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979" on

Daughter Margery born (age 12 in 1920 census)

1908 - Aug 18
Daughter Lillian born (age 11 in 1920 census; year from Ohio Births on familysearch; whole date from Fairfield County Birth Records where mother is named as Anna Heim)

Daughter Harriet born (age 9 in 1920 census; 20 on 1930 census)

1912 - Feb 2
Harry and Ida's daughter, Lucille Hepler, dies of typhoid fever at the home of her grandparents, Fred and Elvira (Bartley) Gerner, in Jefferson Twp., Butler County, Penna. (Butler Eagle obituary.)

Daughter Geraldine born (age 7 in 1920 census; 18 on 1930 census)

Daughter Gertrude born (age 3 ?/12 in 1920 census; 14 on 1930 census)

Son Harry H. born (age 0 in 1920 census; 10 on 1930 census)

Son Bennie born (age 6 in 1930 census)

Daughter Patty born (age 5 in 1930 census)

1920 - Jan
Harry Hepler lives with wife, Rosanna; is 43 years old; lives at 161 Washington Ave., Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio; works as blower in auto lens works (1920 census)

Harry Hepler, 54 years, lives with wife, Rosanna, in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio; children are Harriet (20), Geraldine (18), Gertrude (14), Harry (10), Bennie (6), and Patty (5) (1930 census)

1945 - Jul 10
Rose Ann Hepler dies, age 60 years, 2 months, 25 days; husband is Harry Hepler, living at 223 E. Main St., Rushville; burial in St. Mary Cemetery, Lancaster, Ohio [Father: Amos Hyme; mother: Magiline Minninger] (Ohio death certificate)

1952 - Nov 17
Geraldine Hepler Everett dies (familysearch)

1958 - Dec 25
Harry Hepler dies (St. Mary Parish church records)
in Nashville, TN; survivors are wife Margaret; son Harry H. Heplar [sic], Jr., of Huntsville, Ala.; daughters Mrs. Harold Kittrell of Columbus; Mrs. Lloyd Jordan of Columbus; Mrs. Bernice Savage of Cleveland; Mrs. Ralph Bibler of Junction City; Mrs. James Larkin of Nashville; and Mrs. Wallace Cly of Lancaster. Interment in St. Mary Cemetery, Lancaster. (Lancaster Eagle-Gazette obituary).

I have requested a copy of Harry's and Rosanna's marriage certificate from Kenton County, Kentucky. Knowing that Harry had been previously married may give some credence to the possibility that this Harry Hepler is Ida Gerner's husband/widow.

I hope that someone who is a descendant of Harry Hepler will contact me after reading this blog post.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Elvira Bartley Gerner - Her Years from Birth to Burial

12 May 1854
Born to Dixon and Rebecca (Smith) Bartley in Butler County, Pennsylvania (family Bible)

17 June 1860
Lives at home with parents, Dixon and Rebecca, is 7, attends school (1860 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Butler County, Parker Township, M[illegible] Post Office, Dwelling 316, Family #320, Lines 22-31, June 17, 1860)

22 July 1870
Lives at home with parents, Dixon and Rebecca, is 15, attends school (1870 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Butler County, Parker Township, Post Office Bruin, Written Page 6B, Lines 13-19, Dwelling #41, House #41, July 22, 1870)

24 Jul 1872
Marries Frederick K. Gerner, Sugar Creek, Butler, Pennsylvania (family Bible; Bible marriage record)

17 May 1873
Ida Adelia born Butler County, PA (family Bible)

between May 1873 and July 1874
Moves to Putnam County, West Virginia. Elvira’s brother and his wife also moved to WV, though possibly before or after Elvira & family moved there. Travel on today’s roads require 287 miles of travel in 4 hours 48 minutes from Butler, PA to Winfield, Putnam Co, WV. (1880 U.S. Census record (citation below) and children’s county birth records)

25 Jul 1874
Twins Alonzo J. and Alfonzo F. born Putnam County, WV (County birth record; family Bible)

16 Nov 1875
Lana Ellen born Putnam County, WV (County birth record; other records give birth years between 1874-76)

16 Jul 1877
Edward G. born Putnam County, WV (County birth record; family Bible)

15 Feb 1879
Della Virginia born in Putnam County, WV (County birth record; family Bible gives birth date of Feb 17)

9 Jun 1880
Lives in Scott District, Putnam County, WV, with husband Fred (farmer), children Ida A (7 years), Alonzo (5 years), Alfonzo (5 years), Lana (3 years), Edward (2 years), and Della (1 year). (1880 U.S. Census, West Virginia, Putnam County, Scott District, S.D. 1, E.D. 112, Printed Page 75, Written Page 19, lines 35-42, Dwelling #13, Family #13, 9 June 1880)

20 Jan 1881
Mary Alma born Scott District, Putnam County, WV (County birth record; family Bible give birth date of Jan. 29)

29 Nov 1882
John N. born Winfield (county seat), Putnam County, WV (County birth record; obituary in “The Youngstown Vindicator,” Wednesday, December 9, 1970, p. 27, column 6. The family Bible gives birth year as 1883; obituary gives year as 1882.)

between Nov 1882 and June 1884
Elvira and her family move back to Butler County, PA (specifically to Bruin, according to her daughter, Brendice) (letters of Brendice Gerner Davis; 1900 U.S. census)

17 Jun 1884
Bessie Leota born Butler County, PA (family Bible)

17 May 1886
Mabel Lodenia born Butler County, PA (family Bible; California Death Index, 1940-1997)

13 Sep 1888
Beulah Mae born Butler County, PA (family Bible)

10 Jul 1890
Warren Franklin born Butler County, PA (family Bible)

15 May 1892
Ethel Clair born Butler County, PA (family Bible; transcribed birth record)

23 Jun 1894
Netta or Meta Mildred born Butler County, PA (family Bible; transcribed birth record)

9 Sep 1894
Netta/Meta Mildred dies Bruin, Butler County, PA (family Bible; transcribed death record)

9 Oct 1895
Brendice Kathryn born Butler County, PA (family Bible; transcribed birth record)

16 Apr 1897
Ethel Clair dies Butler County, PA. Cause of death: poisoned (transcribed death record; family Bible)

30 Apr 1898
Paul Victor born Butler County, PA (family Bible; transcribed birth record)

9 Jun 1900
Lives in Parker Township, Butler County, PA, with husband, Frederick and children, Alfonzo (25 years), Edward (22 years), Della (21 years), Alma (19 years), John (16 years), Bessie (15 years), Mabel (14 years), Beulah (11 years), Warren (9 years), Brendice (4 years), and Paul (2 years) (1900 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Butler, Parker Township, S.D. 19, E.D. 86, Printed Page 214A, Written Page 6, 9 June 1900)

9 Oct 1904
Daughter Ida Adelia Heppler dies. Ida’s infant daughter, Lucille, lives with Elvira & Fred. (family Bible; obituary in “The Butler Eagle,” Tuesday, October 11, 1904, p. 4)

Fred sells the large farm and buys a small farm (Letters of Brendice Gerner Davis, February 27, 1988 to January 2, 1990)

6 May 1910
Lives on Old Meadville Pike, Fairview Township, Mercer County, PA, with husband, Fred, and children Leota (25 years), Beulah (21 years), Warren (19 years), Brendice (14 years), and Paul (12 years) and granddaughter, Lucille (6 years). She is the mother of 15 children. (1910 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Mercer County, Fairview Township, Old Meadville Pike, E.D. 145, Sheet No. 114B, lines 77-84, 6 May 1910)

2 Feb 1912
Granddaughter, Lucille Heppler, dies of typhoid fever (obituary; cemetery inventory)

2 Apr 1913
Daughter Beulah Mae Doyle dies, Stoneboro, Mercer, PA. (family Bible; Pennsylvania death certificate)

Lives in Fairview Township, Butler County (near Petrolia) (1916 Butler County Farm Directory)

13 Nov 1917
Son Edward Gerner dies in Mercer County, PA (family Bible)

19 Jan 1920
Lives in Bruin, Butler County, PA with husband, Fred K. (1920 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Butler, Bruin Borough, S.D. 19, E.D. 4, Sheet 3B, line 68-69, Dwelling 61, Family 61, 19 January 1920)

26 Mar 1926
Husband, Frederick K. Gerner, dies, Butler County, PA (family Bible; newspaper notice, “Bruin Man’s Will Filed For Probate,” in “The Butler Eagle,” Friday, April 2, 1926, page 17, column 1)

4 April 1930
Lives alone on Washington Street, Bruin, Butler, PA; rents house/apartment for $19.00/month (1930 U.S. Census, Pennsylvania, Butler, Bruin Borough, Washington Street, S.D. 7th, E.D. 10-4, Sheet No. 2A, Printed Page 243, Line 27, Dwelling 37, Family 40, 4 April 1930)

21 Oct 1940
Son Alonzo dies (family Bible; obituary in “Butler Eagle,” Tuesday, October 22, 1940, p. 11)

3 Feb 1943
Dies at the home of her daughter, Leota (Mrs. Fred) Holland, 561 Fourth Street, Struthers, Mahoning County, Ohio (family Bible; Ohio death certificate; obituary in “The Youngstown Vindicator,” Thursday, February 4, 1942, p. 11, col. 5; and obituary in “The Butler Eagle,” Friday, February 5, 1943, p. 2)

6 Feb 1943
Buried, Bear Creek Cemetery, Petrolia, Butler, PA (cemetery inventory, obituaries named above)

This timeline was created in conjunction with the post A Kind and Generous Woman which will be submitted to the 91st Carnival of Genealogy: "A Tribute to Women!"

Copyright © 2010 by Nancy Messier.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every Scrap of Evidence

I'm searching for Henry Carl Meinzen's city of birth and his parents' names. Family "sources" indicate that his father's name was Carl and that at the time of Henry's death, he had a brother named Fred living in Germany.

When approaching a brick wall, the genealogy books I've read suggest reviewing every document and piece of paper, just on the chance some bit of evidence has been overlooked. So that's what I've done. And here's what I've found.

Henry's Timeline

1837 Jul 25
Henry Carl Meinzen born in Hannover (1880 census), Prussia (1870 census), Germany (1910 census) (Birth date from certificate of death and Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church records)

1852 Aug 24
Elizabeth Armitage (future wife) born in England (her mother dies after August 1852 & possibly before 1859)

Elizabeth immigrates to U.S. (1900 census)

1866 Jun
Henry, native of Prussia, age 28, immigrates to U.S. (Probate Court record from Belmont County, Ohio. Name as “Heinrich” Meinzen.)

1867 Oct 7 & 8
Henry files Declaration of Intention to become a naturalized citizen in Belmont County, Ohio. "Heinrich" was a native of Prussia, aged 28, immigrated in June 1866. (Probate Court record, Belmont County, Ohio)

1870 Apr 24
Henry & Elizabeth marry (Jefferson County, Ohio, marriage record)

1870 Jul 11
Henry, age 32, works at the railroad; lives in Ward 4, Steubenville (1870 census)

1870 Sep 25
Henry (son) born in Jefferson County, Ohio (age 10 in 1880 census)

Henry lives at 116 South Water Street, is a carpenter (Palmer’s 1871 Steubenville City Directory)

1871 Oct 9
Henry (not Heinrich) becomes naturalized citizen (Received from Probate Court of Jefferson County, Ohio, though the county’s name is not on the paper)

William born (age 8 in 1880 census)

1873 Apr 28
Purchased Lot 32 Morris Second Addition (on N. 8th Street), Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio, from Justin G. and Henrietta S. Morris for $600.00. (He sold the lot in Feb. 1892.)

1875 Feb 13
Hannah born (age 5 in 1880 census; 25, born Feb 1875 in 1900 census)

Henry is carpenter, lives North Eighth above Franklin (Steubenville City Directory, 1875-76)

1879 Mar 5
Edward born (age 1 in 1880 census; 21, born Mar 1879, in 1900 census; 28 in 1910 census)

1880 Jun 9
Henry, 41 years, lives on N. Eight Street, dwelling #251, Steubenville. He is a laborer, born in Hanover. With him are wife Elizabeth, 28 years, Henry, 10; William, 8; Hannah, 5; and Edward, 1 (1880 census)

1880 Aug 28
Isabella Marie (or Marie Isabella) (age 19, born Aug 1880 in 1900 census)

1882 Nov 13
Walter born (age 17, born Nov 1882 on 1900 census)

1885 Jan 26
Wilhelmina born (Minnie, age 15, born Jan 1885 on 1900 census; 25 in 1910 census)

1887 Jan 10
Lula born (Luella, age 13, born Jan 1887 on 1900 census; 23 on 1910 census)

1888 Oct 7
Bertha born (age 11, born Oct 1888 on 1900 census)

1888 Nov 24
William (16 yrs) dies

1891 Jan
Stillborn infant, interred on 23 Jan 1891 (Union Cemetery records)

1892 Feb 8
William Carl Robert born (age 9, born Feb 1891 in 1900 census; 18 years in 1910 census) (Other records give either 1891 or 1892 birth year.)

1892 Feb 20
Sold Lot #32, Morris Second Addition, Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio to John McClave for $850.00. (Henry purchased this property in April 1893 for $600.00.)

1893 Dec 15
Jacob born (age 6, born Dec 1893 in 1900 census; 16 in 1910 census)

1896 Sep 3
Karl (or Carl) Nelson is born (dies on 14 Sep 1896) (Zion E. L. Church records)

1896 Dec 27
Henry (son) & Ella Dray marry

1898 May 22
Naomi born (age 2 years, born May 1898 in 1900 census; 11 in 1910 census)

1898 Oct 15
Henry displays radish (Steubenville Herald-Star, 15 Oct 1898)

1898 Oct 20
Henry’s name appears in news article about Zion Lodge I.O.O.F (Steubenville Herald-Star, 20 Oct 1898)

1900 Jun 12
Henry, 62 years, born Jul 1837, married 30 years, born Germany; immigrated in 1866; is a naturalized citizen; works as gardener; rents a farm; lives in Cross Creek Township (New Alexandria); also in the home are Elizabeth, 47; Hannah, 25; Edward, 21; Isabella, 19; Walter, 17; Minnie, 15; Luella, 13; Bertha, 11; Robert, 9; Jacob, 6; and Naomi, 2 (1900 census)

1901 Nov 20
Isabelle (21 yrs) and Ben Hashman marry

1902 Aug 8
Purchased Lot #2 Stokely’s 1st Addition (306 S. Third Street (previously S. High Street) in Elizabeth’s name from Hanson and Mary Hebron for $3,000.00. (Elizabeth turned 50 and Henry turned 65 in 1902.)

Henry C. and Elizabeth live at 306 S. Third. Henry has a confectionery store at 308 S. Third. Living with them are Bertha; Edward, who works at LaBelle Co; Hannah; Lulu; Mina, and Walter, who also works at Labelle Co. Henry & Elizabeth's son Henry and his wife Ella live at 939 Sixth ave and Henry works at LaBelle I Co. (Steubenville City Directory, 1904-05)

Henry C. & Elizabeth live at 306 S. Third (confectionery at same address); living with them are Bertha, dressmaker; Edward working at LaBelle Iron Works; Hannah; Lulu; Mina; Walter working at LaBelle Iron Works (Steubenville City Directory, 1906)

1906 Jun 28
Walter (23 yrs) and Nellie Leonhart marry

1906 Jul 11
Bertha (17 yrs) and William Henderson marry

1907 Mar 27
Hannah (32 yrs) & John Hendricks marry

1907 May 31
Walter dies (24 yrs) in accident at LaBelle Iron Works

1908 Jan 29
Edna Hendricks (Hannah's daughter) born (age 11 & living with Henry & Elizabeth on 1920 census)

1909 May 27
Zerelda Hendricks (Hannah's daughter) born

1909 or 1910
William O. Henderson (Bertha's son) born

1910 Apr 18
Henry, age 72, born Germany, grocer, married 40 years, lives at House 306 South High Street, Ward 1, Steubenville, Jefferson County, Ohio. Also living there are Elizabeth, 57; Edward, 28; Wilhelmina, 25; Lula, 23; Robert, 18; Jacob, 16; and Naoma, 11.

1910 Aug 21
Anna Hendricks (Hannah's last daughter) born

1910 Sep 4
Hannah Meinzen Hendricks dies (age 35) (The care of her daughters falls to Henry and Elizabeth and Hannah's sisters.)

Wilhelmina (24-25 yrs) & George Harris marry

Henry C. and Elizabeth live at 308 S. Third (confectionery at same address). Living at 306 are Jacob, works Pope T. P. Co.; Lulu; Mina; Robert, barber (Steubenville City Directory, 1911)

1911 Mar 11
Anna Hendricks (Hannah's youngest daughter) dies at age 6½ months

1911 Nov 11
Edward (31 1/2 yrs) dies

1911 Dec 26
Lula (23 yrs) and Charles Sticker marry

Henry & Elizabeth live at 306 S. Third Street (confectionery shop at 308 S. Third Street). Living with them are Jacob, driver for Loomer & Son; W. C. Robert, barber at 838 Sixth Avenue; and Naomi F. (Steubenville City Directory, 1913)

1914 Sep 8
Robert (22 1/2 yrs) & Emma Bickerstaff marry

Henry and Elizabeth live at 306 S. Third Street (grocery at 308 S. Third). Living with them are Jacob, laborer; Naomi

1916 Sep 2
Naomi (~18 yrs) and Russell Rhome marry

1916 Sep 4
Jacob (22 3/4 yrs) and Sudie Coss marry

Elizabeth (65 yrs) diagnosed with cancer of the face (death certificate)

1917 Sep 12
Jacob (23 3/4 yrs) dies in accident at LaBelle Iron Works

Henry and Elizabeth live at 308 S. Third (confectionery at same address)

1918 May 14
Bertha (29 1/2 yrs) dies

1918 Aug 27 Elizabeth et al. sold Lot #2 Stokely’s 1st Addition (306 S. Third Street) for $3,500.00 to Abel A. Dutz (County Deed Book)

1920 Jan 24
Henry & Elizabeth live at 1540 Oregon Avenue, Steubenville Twp., Steubenville 4th Ward. Henry is 82, no trade/profession [probably retired], owns his property without a mortgage; immigrated in 1866, naturalized in 1871; born Hanover, Germany. Lives with Elizabeth, age 67; and Edna Hendricks, granddaughter, age 11 (1920 census)

1920 Jun 26
Elizabeth (68 yrs) dies at age 67 years, 10 months, 21 days, of cancer of the face; born in England, father is Abel Armitage. (Certificate of death)

1920 Jun 29
Elizabeth buried in Union Cemetery, Section Q, Lot 203 (Union Cemetery records)

1925 Dec 30
Henry (88 yrs) dies (date of death from death certificate; Zion E. L. Church record says date of death was 31 December 1935) Henry’s obituary indicates that he was a carpenter and wagon maker; his father’s name is Carl.

1926 Jan 2
Henry is buried in Union Cemetery, Section Q, Lot 203 (Union Cemetery records)

This timeline was updated on January 29, 2010.
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