Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Finding Hannah

Note: The previous post, Searching for Hannah, will explain the first part of my efforts to find Hannah.

Then came the Union Cemetery records. Hannah Hendricks was buried on Henry's plot. Her dates were 1875-1910. This meant I should be able to find "Hannah Hendricks" in the Ohio Death Certificate Index. Yes, there was a Hannah Hendricks, 1910 #40481. (Alan said she died in 1907: maybe it wasn't her.) I located and printed the certificate. There was "my" Hannah, born 13 February 1875, died 4 September 1910, whose parents were Henry Meinzen and Elizabeth Armitage. The informant was Harrison Hendricks. Something more to go on. Was Harrison her husband?

Next, I searched the newspapers at the Ohio Historical Society. Since I knew Hannah died in Jefferson County and now knew her name was Hannah Hendricks, and knew her death date, I located "The Steubenville Herald-Star" for her date of death and began looking, page by page, for an obituary or death notice. And there I found it, on page 4 of the September 6, 1910 issue: "Mrs. John Hendricks."

The final step was to look in the 1910 census for John and Hannah Hendricks. There they were, in Island Creek Township with two children, both daughters.
The sequel to this post is What I Know about Hannah.

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