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The Family of Andrew and Elizabeth (Laws) Doyle

November 11 is the anniversary of my great-great-grandparents, Andrew and Elizabeth Jane (Laws) Doyle. They were married in Northumberland, England, in 1861. To remember them I'm posting their family group.

Happy Anniversary, Gramma and Grampa.

Andrew Doyle
b. 13 Apr 1836, Wallsend, , England
d. 23 Jul 1908, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
m. 11 Nov 1861, Woodburn, Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Northumberland, England

Elizabeth Jane Laws
b. 28 Oct 1845, Yousin Square, , England
d. 30 Aug 1910, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania

William Doyle
b. 3 Mar 1863, Bedlinton [Bedlington, Northumberland?], England
d. 28 Apr 1941, Findley Township, Mercer, Pennsylvania
m. 17 Mar 1885, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
spouse: Tressa Rose Froman

Elizabeth Jane Doyle
b. 30 Dec 1864, Bedlinton [Bedlington, Northumberland?], England
d. , , Pennsylvania

Robert Doyle
b. 24 Sep 1866, Bedlinton [Bedlington, Northumberland?], England
d. 29 Sep 1944, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania

Martha Doyle
b. 26 Apr 1868, Cambois, Northumberland, England

Margaret Doyle
b. 13 Jul 1871, Arnot, Tioga, Pennsylvania
d. 19 Apr 1952, Baden, Beaver, Pennsylvania
m. 28 May 1890, Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania
spouse: David Wood

Andrew Doyle, Jr.
b. 8 Jan 1873, Pardoe, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 25 Oct 1948, Grove City, Mercer, Pennsylvania
m. ~1897
spouse: Margaret E.

Mary Ann Doyle
b. 8 Apr 1875, Croton, [Mercer?], Pennsylvania
d. 29 Aug 1957, Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania
m. 19 Oct 1893, Ripley, Chautauqua, New York
spouse: Hurd Hendrickson Campbell

George Doyle
b. 9 Apr 1877, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 6 Sep 1953, Franklin, Venango, Pennsylvania
m. ~1898
spouse: Emma L.

Isabell Doyle
b. 13 Mar 1879, Pardoe, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 23 Sep 1944, , Allegheny, New York

Ida Doyle
b. 23 Mar 1881, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 28 Mar 1977, Crawford, Indiana, Pennsylvania
spouse: Clarence Dolittle

John Doyle
b. 30 Nov 1882, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 23 Jun 1941, Lancaster, Lancaster, Pennsylvania
m. ~1907
spouse: Emma

Emma Doyle
b. 2 Dec 1884, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 1885, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania

Fred Doyle
b. 17 Jun 1887, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 23 Apr 1888, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania

Frederick Doyle
b. 28 Jan 1889, Stoneboro, Mercer, Pennsylvania
d. 28 Jul 1889, [Stoneoboro, Mercer?], Pennsylvania

Of the children above, William, Andrew, Mary Ann (Campbell), George, Isabell, Ida (Dolittle), and Emma are known to be buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Sandy Lake Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania. Children who may be buried there are Elizabeth Jane, Martha, John, Fred, and Frederick.

Most of the above information comes from the records of Tressa Doyle Wilson. Other information comes from death certificates and U.S. census records.

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