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Neighbors of Thomas Smith, 1850; Neighbors of Henry Smith, 1860

It seems that my search for Thomas Smith will become a series of posts. (If you want to read previous posts go to "Post Topics" below and click on "Smith.")

I'm searching for Thomas Smith who is the father of Rebecca Smith Bartley, possibly born about 1793, living in Butler County, Pennsylvania. I found a man who could be him in the 1850 U.S. Census living in Parker Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania. I found a man named Henry Smith in the 1860 U.S. Census who was 10 years older than Thomas was in 1850 and had several children with similar names and appropriate ages. Are they the same man?

I don't know how to determine if Thomas of 1850 and Henry of 1860 lived in the same location during those census years. Knowing whether they did or not might help in my search. I decided to look at neighbors of both men in both years. Below I've listed the names recorded before and after Thomas in 1850 and Henry in 1860.

The only name that appears in both 1850 and 1860 is Lewis Daubenspeck. He was 29 in 1850 and 35 in 1860. I don't think this search helped me conclude that Thomas Smith and Henry Smith were living in the same location or are the same man.

I will look at Butler County property maps if I can find them. Are there census maps available that show the boundaries for census records and the routes of census takers?

1850 U.S. Census, Parker Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania in which Thomas Smith appears
written page 720, printed page 362
line 1, Gurner (continued from previous page)
line 5, Archibald Kelly, 32 years
line 7, Charles Cooper, 47 years
line 17, Henry Risch, 35 years
line 21, John Kelly, 54 years
line 28 John Martin, 29 years
line 33, Agnes Hilliard, 62 years
line 36, Rachel Kelly, 56 years
line 41, Lewis Daubenspeck, 29 years

written page 721, printed page 363
line 1, Lewis Daubenspeck (continued)
line 6, John Vensil, 27 years
line 10, Martha Black, 33 years
line 15, James Hilliard, 23 years
line 30, Thomas Smith
line 34, Sarah MaGill, 41 years
line 36, James McMahan, 53 years

written page 722, printed page 364
line 1, James McMahan (continued)
line 3, Harker (?), 44 years
line 11, Thomas Allen, 60 years
line 16, Ebenezer Walley, 34 years
line 22, W. M. Jones, 29 years
line 28, James Alsworth, 40 years
line 36, Jane Robison
line 41, Jacob King (?), 54 years

1860 U.S. Census, Murrinsville Post Office, Parker Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania in which Henry Smith appears

written page 50, printed page 728
line 1, Daubenspeck (continued from previous page)
line 6, Ann Daubenspeck, 74 years
line 8, Lewis Daubenspeck, 35 years
line 15, Daniel Daubenspeck, 29 years
line 19, Wm. Fowler (?), 48 years
line 22, George Daubenspeck, 61 years
line 25, Abraham Daubenspeck, 23 years
line 38, George Rush, 53 years

written page 51, printed page 729
line 1, Christian Hoover
line 8, Robert Wood
line 11, John Hoover, 24 years
line 16, Henry Smith
line 21, John Hoover, 48 years
line 29, George Daubenspeck, 40 years
line 39, Thomas B. Smith, 28 years

written page 52, printed page 730
line 1, Smith (continued from previous page)
line 5, Samuel Moore, 29 years
line 10, Jonathan Mortimore (?), 39 years
line 12, George Boyle/Royle (?)
end of Parker Township


  1. The John Hoover (age 48) is actually Jacob Hoover, I believe. I have a similar problem with the 1860 census in Parker. Listed as John and Martha, they are listed in other census and in obits as Jacob and Matilda. The children are the same and correct ages.

  2. Pam, one has to wonder about the census taker in Parker Twp. considering that there are several errors like this. I glad you mentioned it. I'll still keep a lookout for Henry Smith but when I looked at cemetery and will indexes, I didn't find a single one after 1860 -- or before, for that matter.


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