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Tressa Froman Doyle - a Pennsylvania Death Certificate

I received this death certificate for my great-grandmother, Tressa Rose Froman Doyle, several months ago and have been waiting to share it because - because! - it gives her birth date and I wanted to post it on her birthday. It states that she was born on September 24, 1867.

Until this death certificate arrived the birth information I had came from two sources.
  1. The 1900 U.S. Census for Stoneboro, Mercer County, Pennsylvania, which gives her birth information as March, 1867.  I do not know who the informant was.  And,
  2. A published transcription of church records of the Good Hope Lutheran and Reformed Church in West Salem Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  That record give a baptism date of May 24, 1868.
I understand, of course, that September 24 may not actually be Tressa's birth date.  The informant on the death certificate is Tressa's daughter, Emma, who signed her name as Mrs. C. E. Leathers.  Sometimes in the confusion and sorrow of death informants become confused and give their own information instead of the deceased's or forget or confuse information they knew.

This may have happened with Emma.  Her own birth date (from the 1900 U.S. Census) was given as December, 1886, so it's doubtful that she confused Tressa's birth information with her own.  However, Emma named Tressa's father as Jacob instead of John, as other documents indicate. I have more searching and sorting to do.

One additional observation about this Pennsylvania death certificate:  In the past the certificates were located on the bottom two thirds of the page and on the top third was the statement, "WARNING:  It is illegal to duplicate this copy by photstat or photograph."  That statement was not at the top of this certificate.  Is Pennsylvania continuing to loosen its grip on its vital records?

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Department of Health
Bureau of Vital Statistics
File No. 31619 
1.  County of Mercer... Borough of Stoneboro
2.  Full Name  Tressa Rose Doyle

3.  Sex F
4.  Color... White
5.  Single, Married... Married
5a.  If married, widowed, or divorced HUSBAND  Wm. Doyle
6.  Date of Birth (month, day and year) Sept. 24, 1867
7.  Age 68 years 6 months 3 days
8.  Occupation of Deceased  Housewife
9.  Birthplace (city or town) (State or Country) Orangeville, Pa
10.  Name of Father Jacob Saylor
11.  Birthplace of Father (city or town) not sure (State or Country.) Germany
12.  Maiden Name of Mother.  Katherine Saylor
13.  Birthplace of Mother (city or town) not sure  (State or Country) Germany
14.  Informant Mrs. C. E. Leathers  (Address) Stoneboro Penna
[15. Date] Mar 28, 1936  Registrar J. E. [illegible signature]

16.  Date of Death March 27, 1936
17.  I hereby certify, that I attended deceased from June 1, 1935 to March 27 1936, that I last saw her alive on March 24, 1936, and that death occurred, on the date stated above, at 5:45 p.m. The CAUSE OF DEATH was as follows:  Cerebral Hemmorhage [sic].  CONTRIBUTORY [illegible].
18.  ....  Did an operation precede death?  No.  Was there an autopsy?  No.  Signed J C C[illegible signature], M.D.  March 28, 1936  (Address) Stoneboro
19.  Place of Burial.... Oak Hill    Date of Burial  March 30, 1936
20.  Undertaker A. M. Yeager  Address Stoneboro, Pa

This is really a birthday day post so I want to wish my great-grandmother Tressa Doyle a Happy, Happy Birthday!  

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  1. I have heard that Pennsylvania is having the death certificated scanned and to be digitized by Ancestry. I think that will take quite a bit of time. But I am happy they are doing it.


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