Sunday, December 22, 2013

"What Shall We Give?" -- Caroling with footnoteMaven

I've been listening to Christmas music for two months (and I'm still not ready for Christmas!) but I am ready to Blog Carol.  I was beginning to wonder if footnoteMaven was going to lead the chorus this year or not.  I'm happy that she's invited the choir to gather again this year.  Thank you, fM.

Early in November "What Shall We Give?" became my favorite carol.  When I discovered this thoughtful video yesterday it made the carol more poignant and tender.  "What shall we give?" became (again) a sincere question awaiting a response.  What will I give my Savior for Christmas this year?  My favorite gifts to Him are gifts to an individual that I repeat during the year such as a weekly meal to an elderly neighbor or a weekly letter to a distant relative.  Those repeated, purposeful acts, given with the Savior in mind draw me closer to Him throughout the year.  Do you celebrate Christmas?  Will you give the Savior a gift this year?

I hope you'll enjoy the video and join in the singing.  The lyrics are below the video. 

What shall we give to the Babe in the manger?
What shall we offer the Child in the stall?
Incense and spices and gold we've a-plenty.
Are these the gifts for the King of us all?

What shall we give to the Boy in the temple?
What shall we offer the Man by the sea?
Palms at His feet and hosannas uprising;
Are these for Him who will carry the tree?

What shall we give to the Lamb who was offered,
Rising the third day and shedding His love?
Tears for His mercy we'll weep at the manger,
Bathing the Infant come down from above.

Merry Christmas!

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