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52 Ancestors - Emma Doyle

Emma Doyle Lengauer Leathers was my paternal grandfather Gust Doyle's older sister.  Their parents were William and Tressa Rose (Froman) Doyle. 

1886 December 25
Emma was born in Stoneboro, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.  She was the first child in the family.

1888 November 17
Sibling Gust Doyle was born in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.

1891 December 9
Sibling Hazel Doyle was born in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.

1905 July 5
Emma married John Lengauer, Jr., in Franklin, Venango County, Pennsylvania, by M. A. Henderson.  Hazel and John were both 21 years old and both lived in Stoneboro.  He worked as a miner. 

1905 November 22
Madelyn Lengauer was born.

1907 July 3
Evelyn Lengauer was born.

1910 April
This 1910 U. S. Census shows Emma and both daughters living in the home of her parents in Stoneboro.  She was recorded as 23 years old, a widow, having been married 5 years.  Madelyn was 4, Evelyn was 2.  Family sources indicate that John died in a mining accident but those sources do not include a date of death or burial location.

1913 June 26
Emma Doyle Lengauer married Chauncey E. Leathers in Erie, Erie County, Pennsylvania.  Both were 26 and both lived in Stoneboro.  Chauncey was a railroad conductor.

1920 January
The 1920 U.S. Census recorded Emma and Chauncey living in Stoneboro, six houses away from her parents.  Chauncey was recorded as 34 years old, Emma as 33, Madeline as 14, and Evelyn as 12.  He was still a conductor with the railroad.

1930 April
The 1930 U.S. Census recorded Emma and Chauncey living on Maple Street in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.  Neither daughter was recorded as living with them in April, 1930.  Chauncey was a conductor for a steam rail road.

1930 March 27
Emma's mother, Tressa Rose (Froman) Doyle died.

The 1940 U.S. census recorded Emma and Edward living on Lake Street in Stoneboro, Pennsylvania.  Both were 53 years old and Edward was still a conductor with the railroad.  In all previous records Edward had been recorded as Chauncey E. or Chauncey Edward.  Perhaps he was usually called Edward or perhaps the name Chauncey went out of fashion.  Also living with Emma and Chauncey was Emma's widowed father, William Doyle, age 77.

1956 June 2
Emma died.  She was buried two days later at Oak Hill Cemetery in Sandy Lake Township, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Because my father's mother passed away in 1913 when he was just over a month old, he was cared for by family members.  During his toddler years he spent time with his paternal grandmother and his aunts, Emma and Hazel.  He was close to both of them as a child so it surprises me that there are no photographs of Aunt Emma.  I'm sure we visited as a family when I was a child but the visits were rare enough (or my childhood memory dim enough) that I don't remember her.

Yet to Do
  • Find death year for John Lengauer, Jr.  If it's true he died in a mining accident it's possible there would have been a newspaper article about the accident or a government accident report.  The 1910 Census indicates that Emma was a widow and had been married 5 years.  Since she married in 1905, I don't know if that suggests that John died in 1910 or that even though she's a widow, Emma considers herself still married.  At any rate, John would have died no earlier than mid-1906 since Evelyn was born in July 1907. 
  • Find  Chauncey Edward Leathers death date and a death certificate, if possible.
  • Find a death certificate Emma Doyle Lengauer Leathers.

. . . . . . . . . .

This post is in response to Amy Johnson Crow's call to her readers to write about 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks



  1. Every time I see a widow at age 20-something, I cringe. I just can't even imagine what that would have been like.

    1. Oh, I know. It must have been awful, and with a husband who was a coal miner women must have lived with the awful possibility on a daily basis. It was good that Emma lived near her parents so she could have their support. Even so, it's a heart-wrenching thought.


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