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Froman Surname Variations - Surname Saturday

The German word fromm can be translated into English as pious, religious, devout, God-fearing, sanctimonious, and/or upright.  The German word mann means man in English. 

FROMAN surname variations for individuals in my line
  • Froman - the most common spelling on U.S. Census records, obituaries, and other documents for nearly all family members
  • Frommann - 1856 passenger list (John with Werner and others)
  • Fromann - in 1860 U.S. Census, Mercer County, Pennsylvania (John, Werner, and Henry, & Casper)
  • Fromman -1868 transcription of Tressa's baptismal record, Mercer County, Pennsylvania
  • Fromer - 1870 U.S. Census, Mercer County, Pennsylvania (Catherine (Saylor) Froman and her children)
  • Frowman - 1934 death certificate of Gust Froman

Other variations in records of possible relations:
  • Frouman - 1880 U.S. Census, Mercer County, Pennsylvania (Casper)
  • Frohman - 1944 obituary of John H. Frohman, identified as the son of Casper and Hannah (Smith)

Casper's name appears several times in conjunction with John Froman's.  More research may help determine whether all of these references indicated the same person and whether he's a brother or some other relative to John.
  • He appears as Caspar Frommann on a passenger list with John/Johannes, Werner, Maria, Anna, Elisabeth, Heinrich, and Christiane.
  • Casper, age 18, was living with John and family as recorded in the 1870 U.S. Census.
  • Casper was one of the people to whom John Froman owed money in his intestate court file.

I periodically update this list as I find new variations.


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  1. What a smart idea. I keep a mental list of sorts, but it's probably wiser to keep a written tally to stay alert to those who might be related.

    1. I try to keep a mental list, Wendy, but sometimes my memory fades.... I'm not always on top of the written list all the time, either, but I find it helpful.


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