Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November Birthdays and Anniversaries

November brings its own version of quiet -- at least quieter than the bursting energy in spring and summer -- yet not as quiet as the coming cold winter months.  The days grow shorter and the weather cooler.  But, of course, November still requires plenty of work in yard, garden, and farm.  And always the animals need care if one lives on a farm.

How did early mothers handle washing and drying clothes, especially the continuous collection of dirty diapers, during the months when laundry could not be hung outside to dry quickly?  And were the babies sicker in November because of cold weather?  How I wish a grandmother had kept a journal that had passed down to me!

Among my direct and collateral ancestors there are fewer births and marriages in November than in any other month of the year.  A quiet month in that regard, too.

Living Relatives
21 November 1969    Hester Ann Doyle

17 November 1888    Gust Doyle
11 November 1861    Andrew Doyle and Elizabeth Jane Laws

Collateral Relatives
November  1, 1922    Daniel I. Bickerstaff
November  7, 1918    Geraldine Mae (Jeree) Meinzen
November  8, 1936    Elmore P. Reesh and Lucille M. Gerner
November 10, 1949    Lewis Perkins and Marcella Gerner
November 11, 1961    James Eugene Bickerstaff and Janet Faye Martin
November 13, 1882    Walter Meinzen
November 15, 1868    Adam Froman
November 15, 1947    Rex Foulk
November 16, 1875    Lana Ellen Gerner
November 20, 1901    Benjamin Robert Hashman and Marie Isabella Meinzen
November 20, 1904    Edward Jesse Bickerstaff
November 22, 1905    Madelyn Lengauer
November 23, 1877    Scott Wesley Roe, Jr.
November 25, 1930    Russell Sage Pugh and Edna Hendricks
November 27, 1919    Donald Gilbert Gerner
November 29, 1882    John N. Gerner
November 29, 1958    Joseph D. Candle and Janice Gerner
November 30, 1882    John Doyle

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary!


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