Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Preparing for Christmas, Lighting the World

This post is a slight detour from my usual family history posts.  Please bear with me (or ignore if not interested).  I'll get back to regular posts tomorrow.

December is a busy month for those who celebrate Christmas  It's also a time when most people are more generous, kind, and thoughtful than usual.  This year our church is offering the theme "Light the World" and suggesting 25 ways over 25 days that we can follow in the footsteps of our Savior, Jesus Christ, and thoughtfully incorporate His example into our daily activities from now until Christmas Day.  I'm thinking of this as a service Advent calendar.  I hope you'll watch this beautiful inspirational video for a brief introduction.

Each day has a theme based on some action or teaching of the Savior accompanied by suggestions/ideas for service activities which follow His teachings.  There is a clickable "calendar" here.  When you click the date you'll see brief video and specific suggestions for the theme of the day.  You can also download an advent calendar of "In 25 ways. Over 25 Days" here.

These are the themes.  Click the date to see a brief video and ideas for giving service on that date.
December  1 -  Lift others’ burdens.
December  2 -  Honor your parents.
December  3 -  Help the blind.
December  4 -  Worship.
December  5 -  Serve the sick.
December  6 -  Read scripture.
December  7 -  Feed the hungry.
December  8 -  Pray for others.
December  9 -  Visit the lonely.
December 10 -  Help the disabled.
December 11 -  Serve children.
December 12 -  Teach others.
December 13 -  Show humility.
December 14  - Clothe the needy.
December 15 -  Worship through music.
December 16 -  Show compassion.
December 17 -  Care for your mother.
December 18 -  Honor the Sabbath.
December 19 -  “Calm the storm.”
December 20 -  See potential in others.
December 21 -  Forgive others.
December 22 -  Show gratitude.
December 23 -  Be a peacemaker.
December 24 -  Care for your loved ones.
December 25 -  Follow the Savior, Jesus Christ.

Isn't this a wonderful way to emulate the Savior and keep Him in mind during this Christmas season?!  I hope you'll join me. 



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