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Vote Early!  November 1, 1920

Ohio was preparing for a larger-than-usual turnout of voters because of the addition of women voters.
        Vote Early!
   Columbus, Ohio,  Nov. 1.—"Vote
early," is the request contained in
a statement issued to Ohio voters
by secretary of State Smith.
   "Vote tomorrow morning before
going to work, if possible.  If this
cannot be done, vote as soon as
possible after returning from
   "The importance of this cannot
be over emphasized.  By observing
this appeal, you will serve not
only yourself, but your neighbors.
   Polls open at 5:30 a. m. tomor-
row.  It is my wish that not a
voter my remain standing in line
when polls close at 5:30 p. m. and
thereby, lose his, or her vote.
   "Housewives and others who do
not have to go to work in the
morning should go to the polls
between 9 a. m. and 3 p. m., dur-
ing which period they will be
least apt to interfere with, or be
interfered with, by men and
women who have employment
away from home.
   "Election officials will do their
utmost to accommodate the elect-
orate.  Electors, also, can do much
to assist the election machinery
by observing the advice set forth
above.  The unprecedented vote
this year, due largely to the en-
franchisement of women, makes it
the duty of all to pull together to
the end that all may register their
voice in the election."

Published in the November 1, 1920 issue of The Youngstown Vindicator.



  1. The reporter or editorial stance seemed to welcome women voters. I wonder if that was the sentiment throughout the country.

    1. I wonder, too, Wendy. It's hard to imagine that women voters were welcomed after all the work women had to do to get the right to vote. I didn't notice any editorials or other articles in that issue of the newspaper.


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