Sunday, September 20, 2009

Nelson Ledges, Ohio, July 4, 1954

On the left side of the table from front to back (including even partial faces) is Aunt Jerree (Meinzen), Rex and Jeree Lee Foulk, Aunt Dot, Belinda, Nancy's tiny head just behind Belinda's shoulder, and Lee Doyle. Going around to the other side of the table from the back is Audrey (Meinzen) Doyle, Bob and Marsha, Bill Dray, Grampa Meinzen (whose hat shows more his face) and the side of Gramma Meinzen's face.

In the photo on the right below is Belinda, and in the one below that, from left, Jeree Lee Foulk, Belinda, Doris, and Bill Dray.

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