Coal Mining Resources

Helpful for Family History
  • Pennsylvania Mining Accidents 1869-1916 by Gerald E. Sherard.  This book is thousands of pages long and includes an alphabetic list of victims of mine accidents with date of accident, age, colliery name, fatal/non-fatal, and whether anthracite or bituminous mine. 
  • Unearthing Your Coal Miner Relatives at the Pennsylvania State Archives.  Links to resources about both anthracite and bituminous mines and coal miners at the Pennsylvania State Archives.  Also includes links to several online documents. 
  • The Coal Mining History Resource Center (U.K.).  This is a valuable resource for family historians with mining ancestors or for anyone with an interest in mining.  So you don't miss anything, be sure to look through the drop-down menus.  Some information is available by geographic area.  You will also find information about mining disasters and accidents; maps of mine locations; a database of miners who died in Great Britain as a result of mining accidents; poems about mining; and more. 
  • Coal Miners in My Family.  This is a post I wrote about my coal mining ancestors.  I have ancestors who were coal miners in both the U.S. and England. 
  • Once a Miner, Twice a Breaker Boy.  Is a post with resources for learning about mining and finding ancestors.

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