Monday, May 24, 2010


With genealogy on the brain, no matter what I read genealogy - or at least family - seems to pop up.

The following comes from The Aristocrat by Conrad Richter. The main character is Miss Alexandria, an 80-something, single, great-aunt to Hope. They are discussing the relatives of the man Hope chooses to marry.

“.... You’ll have to live with them, you know.”

“Oh, I’m not afraid of getting along with relatives, Alexandria. People like me.”

“People, yes. God made people. But poor bungling man makes relatives and nearly always regrets it.”

This conversation made me chuckle. How about you?

Do you know how your ancestors felt about their relatives? I don't know but I have my suspicions about the in-laws in at least one marriage.

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  1. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. It means so much to me. I love the focus of your blog. I'm fortunate to have some old photo albums that my mother put together. Me sister was keeping them an recently gave them to me. I have been scanning some of the images and blogging about them. Even though some of the are photos of relatives I never met I feel a closeness to them.


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