Wednesday, September 22, 2010

How Would I Know If Someone Else Were Searching?

Perhaps I'm slow.... because this is a fairly new thought to me.

I write and post information about ancestors on my blog.
People (sometimes) search for the ancestors whose names I post.
They contact me and a connection is made.

I don't post ancestors on my blog if I have too little or uncertain information.
People (possibly) search for the ancestors I haven't posted.
But I would never know it and they would never find my ancestor and me on this blog through a search engine.
Therefore, no connection is made.


Best to post a name with whatever information I have than not post an ancestor's name at all. Someone else may be searching for the same person.



  1. Another option would be to make one of those blogger pages listing all the iffy people and what you do know about them. Those pages are indexed by search engines same as a blog post. In fact, most of the connections I've made through my blog have been with people who found a shared ancestor on one of my blog's pages.

  2. I agree it's better to post what you have than not at all. I've had a few 'hits' because of Google that way that have added more information.

  3. I post all the names, but indicate which information may be iffy, or where there are gaps in my knowledge, etc. I am also posting the "candidate families" for my brick wall. That way people who may have information that complements mine may find the blog and get in touch with me.

  4. Very good point. I too, find myself not posting about ancestors I have very little information on. After reading this post, I think I might start posting more on these folks regardless of how much information I have acquired or how questionable the information may be, as long as I clearly state what I know, what I suspect, and what I am questioning.


I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by.

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