Friday, November 19, 2010

The Mail Came!

Oh, that blessed Butler Area Public Library and it's Obituary Index! They are prompt and accurate and wonderful (because they provide this service and because they keep adding more and more information).

Today I received the articles I requested last week. The most important one was "Golden Wedding," an article about my great-great grandparents, Dixon and Rebecca (Smith) Bartley. It's a long article with very clear print and, while it doesn't have a lot of genealogical information, it has enough to help my search for my great-great-great grandparents. I'll transpose and post it soon. (Foster Airedale puppy arrived tonight who needs attention.)

Hooray, hooray! I love getting news articles that help me imagine the time in which my ancestors lived and tell about activities of their lives.


  1. The links didn't work for me, but I'm intrigued. Do they send you these electronically? I do wish there was a picture of the Airedale puppy - my ultimate weakness. They are such wonderful dogs.

  2. Christine, thanks for the heads up about the links. I looked behind the scenes and saw what the problem was. They're fixed now.

    The BAPL Obit. Index is all snail mail. You print a request, mail it, then they print the articles from the newspaper and mail them back. It probably would be easier for them to do it electronically but not yet.

    Maybe once we get ADT puppy girl settled a little I'll post a small photo in the side bar - IF she holds still long enough for a photo. She's about 7 months old.

  3. That sounds like a great service. Wish we had something similar around here.


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