Saturday, November 27, 2010

Photos from Postcards

Don't let the size of these photographs on your monitor fool you. They may look large but the actual photos are no more than 1" across. They were cut from postcards! (Oh, the horror of it.) And someone actually put tape across the round photo to hold it in place.

I found the photos in my grandmother's photo album, the album that has photographs that were moved from an older album with black pages. Gramma, or someone else, organized the newer album by families and these were on two pages that held Meinzen photographs. (My grandmother was a Bickerstaff until she married my grampa, W. C. Robert Meinzen.)

The photo on the left is my grandfather, William Carl Robert "Bob" Meinzen. The photograph on the right -- I don't know who she is. Do you think there's a family resemblance? I wonder if she is my grandfather's sister (or maybe I should say one of my grandfather's sisters). Because of her age and style of clothes in the photograph she could possibly be my grandfather's oldest sister, Hannah, who died in 1910 at the age of 35. My only resource to help identify these old photographs is my aunt, and I hope she can help.

You can find links to more old photographs and the stories behind them at Sepia Saturday, where, hopefully, you won't find any more that have been cut from old photograph postcards.


  1. most of the photos i've inherited are so damaged - cut up, written on, bent and torn. it's such a shame.

  2. The woman on the right reminds me very much of Scottish actress Kelly Macdonald who is currently costarring in "Boardwalk Empire" on HBO.

    It is a shame how tattered so many of our old photos are. The majority of my family photos were destroyed when the box they were in, next to a water heater, sat soaked in water for who knows how long. Note to everyone, careful where your photos are stored. I had not even known that was where the photos were kept. Many had to be thrown away, others are badly badly damaged, and the remaining are curled up like potato chips. I try to not think about it.

  3. She Is A Fine Looking Woman.Yes, in a way it's a shame the photos have been fiddled with.However,who knows, maybe the actual act of fiddling saved them from being lost or forgotten ! (this is the Optimist in me speaking!)

  4. Great photos. I have similar small scraps of photos cut from larger ones and stuck unhappily into albums in my collection. I always think that there is something quite satisfying about rescuing them and restoring them to just a little of their former glory.

  5. Yes, via the computer we have rescued some pretty bad shape stuff. The small stuff being enlarged so one can really view it is a great help.


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