Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tombstones for Gust and Beulah (Gerner) Doyle

These are the tombstones of my grandparents, Gust and Beulah (Gerner) Doyle. They are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery, Sandy Lake, Mercer County, Pennsylvania.

Gust's tombstone reads:
"Gust Doyle
"1888 - 1933"

Beulah's reads:
"Wife of G. Doyle
"1888 - 1913"

Because Beulah died after giving birth to twins Lee and Leila, she is buried near Leila. Gust remarried and his grave stone is beside his second wife's stone. It always makes me sad to think of Beulah's marker in a different row instead of beside her husband.

These photographs are courtesy of Bob and Eva, my brother and sister-in-law. Thank you!


  1. Me too, when that happens. though I guess it sorts itself out in Heaven. Makes our job abit harder when looking too.

  2. When they are not buried together is a bit of a problem. My husbands great grandfather is buried in Pittsburgh and his wife is buried in Salem Ohio. According to the 1900 census he was married before, now who and where she is buried is a complete mystery.

  3. I had forgotten they were born in the same year. That is sad hey aren't buried together.

  4. I suppose since they weren't married too long..? Who knows maybe it was his choice..but I agree it is sad:(


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