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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Edward Meinzen - two obituaries

Edward was one of my grandfather's, William Carl Robert's, older brothers. My grandfather would have been 18 when Edward died.
This obituary comes from The Steubenville Weekly Gazette, Friday, November 17, 1911.

Edward Meinzen.

Edward Meinzen, aged 32 years, a former employe [sic] as stationary engineer at the LaBelle mill, died at 1 o'clock a. m. Wednesday, November 15, 1911, at his home, 306 South Third street. The deceased had been in failing health for a year and died of a complication of diseases. The young man was born in this city and was the son of Henry and Elizabeth Meinzen, who survive. He was industrious and capable in his work, and was admired by many friends who will sincerely regret his untimely death. The following brothers and sisters survive: Henry Meinzen, of Youngstown; Mrs. George Harris, Mrs. William Henderson, Robert, Jacob, Luella and Naomi Meinzen, of this city. Mr. Meinzen was a member of the K. of P. lodge and the Schwaben Benefit Society.

This obituary was published in The Steubenville Weekly Herald, Friday, November 17, 1911.

Edward Meinzen.

Edward J. C. F. Meinzen died at his home, 306 South Third street, on Wednesday at 1 a. m., after being in poor health for a year with a nervous and physical breakdown. He had been seriously ill since Sunday. He was 33 years of age in April and was born in Steubenville, was a son of Henry and Elizabeth Meinzen. These brothers and sisters survive: Henry Meinzen, of Youngstown; Mrs. Belle Hashman, Mrs. Wm. Henderson, Mrs. George Harris, Robt., Jacob, Lulu and Naomi, of Steubenville. The deceased was a member of the K. of P. and Schwabenverein and was identified with the Third Presbyterian Church. He was employed at the La Belle Iron Works as a stationery engineer for ten years. He was a young man of good habits, industrious and respected by all who knew him.
Notes and Comments
It's interesting to note the differences in obituaries from one newspaper to the other. Perhaps they had different sources for their information. One vaguely told his illness, the other was much more specific about his cause of death. Also, the gave different ages.

One newspaper names "Schwaben Benefit Society," the other records "Schwabenverein" as one of his affiliations. As I search for this organization, I found an article, The Story of the Schwaben Halle, published in an Ann Arbor, Michigan, newspaper, which uses both "Schwaben Verein" and "Schwabian Support Association." The article focuses on the organization in Michigan but gives some general history. Perhaps the societies in Ann Arbor and in Steubenville were similar. Edward's father, Henry, was a first-generation American which could explain his interest in an organization to help those still in Germany.

The other organization, K. of P., stands for Knights of Pythias.


  1. There is also a difference between obituaries in the survivors mentioned. The Steubenville Weekly Herald doesn't mention Mrs. Bell Hashman, but the Gazette does. You must be right that they had different sources for their information.

  2. I read the same topic on another blog today and have noticed variations in obits in my own's very interesting. As for Schwabenverein, verein is German for club or society, so one paper was using the German term for the club and one used the American translation.


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