Tuesday, January 3, 2012

To Do List, January 2012

Maybe writing down and publishing my to do list will help me stay on track and accomplish more.
  • Organize Ellis Bickerstaff's pension file into chronological order (as much as is possible).
  • Transcribe one document in the pension file.
  • Write and post about his pension file. (With 70+ pages in the file, this may become a brief series.)
  • Watch one RootsMagic webinar and put what I learn to use in RM with my own information.
  • Write and publish two Tuesday's Tip posts. (One is already done!)
  • At FamilySearch, look for new Ohio resources; search any that look helpful.

Too much to do in a month? We'll see.

Share your January, 2012, to do list/goals at Corn and Cotton: My Family's Story.


  1. For my family I've even found that the spelling of names varied on the US census over time. I think that census-takers sometimes did not ask how names were spelled. And, that nicknames were sometimes used instead of the more formal first name.

  2. Sheryl, yes for my family, too, the spellings varied. I think you're right with both of your ideas. Also, there was no standardized spelling a hundred years ago, so I'm sure that contributed to the spelling variations. We wouldn't get away with that these days, would we? People would assume we didn't know our own last names or that we couldn't spell. Times change.

    Thanks for coming to visit and leaving a comment. I appreciate it.

  3. I can't wait to read about your pension file. I haven't dealt much with them but hope to this year. I also need to break into the RM webinars. Thanks for the reminder! I know that I could do so much more if I just watched them.

    Just a reminder that I have a new website! The new Motivation Monday posts will be over there. The original link up did get imported, so this will just need to be changed for any follow ups and future months.

    Here's today's if you want to do a follow up:


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