Monday, February 27, 2012

I Wish I Was 18 Again

Three facts, and then the story:
  1. My dad, Lee Doyle, claimed he couldn't sing, couldn't carry a tune. I saw his mouth move while everyone else sang hymns at church but I never heard him sing.
  2. Dad was very strict with my siblings and me but with the grandchildren he was much more lenient. His first two grandchildren were twins, Jeff and Holly, who lived not far from my parents' home. The twins visited frequently and both Holly and Jeff had Dad wrapped around their little fingers.
  3. After Dad retired he bought a motor home and he and my mother traveled, sometimes spending several months of the winters in Florida or Texas. Occasionally they went on shorter outings and took Holly or Jeff.
Holly has always been vivacious with a joyful spirit and a great sense of humor. She told me the following story about an event that took place when she was young and spent a weekend with her grandparents (my mom and dad) in their motor home.

One evening they were all settled into their beds but no one was asleep. Holly suggested they play Truth or Dare until sleep came. (Only Holly could get my father to play a game like this.) Holly remembers asking Dad, "Truth or dare?" to which Dad replied, "Dare." He was always one to keep his life private and who could guess what kind of a question might come out of the mouth of a granddaughter with a sense of humor. Dare was the safer of the two responses.

Holly's dare? Sing "I Wish I Was 18 Again." Only Holly would come up with a dare like this! And Dad sang despite his claim to be unable to sing! Holly said he knew the words and sang the song pretty well, too.

My father had a sense of humor but when I remember him it is as a serious man. It's a pleasure to know, through this second-hand memory, that my father was willing to play this game with his granddaughter, take a dare, and sing when he claimed he couldn't.

"I Wish I Was 18 Again" was written by Sonny Throckmorton in about 1979 and was recorded by George Burns at about that time.

Today would be my father's 99th birthday if he were still here. Happy Birthday, Dad!



  1. That is a nice memory of your father to have.

  2. What a fun memory! How old was Holly? Happy Birthday, Grandpa!

  3. I would like to be 18 again and know what I know now......


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