Friday, May 4, 2012

Assessing April

Some months are great and some are just mediocre. April was mediocre as far as finishing my to do list. To be honest, I spent too much time fooling around in the 1940 census, then writing blog posts about what I found; too much time fretting over the upcoming new Blogger interface; and plenty of time scanning, transcribing, and writing about Ellis's Civil War Pension File. Can you tell I sometimes get waylaid? Even when the main road is straight and direct I can find meandering paths with many interesting views. Hence, my lack of overwhelming success in April.

Below is the April to do list with accomplishments under each item on the list. Maybe May will be better.

Post my to do list for April and review the list at the end of April/beginning of May

Finish scanning and transcribing Ellis Bickerstaff's Civil War Pension File
  • Success! I finished near the end of the month (but did not transcribe his widow's file). I wrote only one post, DEAD - Military Monday.

Rename and organize another batch of photographs into family groups
  • Done.

Index at least four 1940 U.S. Census pages
  • Done plus some. I know some other GeneaBloggers are going gangbusters through indexing the census. I'm not one of them. I transcribed 11 pages (one from Delaware, one from Pennsylvania, and the rest from Ohio), with a steadily increasing agreement rate from 95% and 99%. I'm getting better.

Search for my Pennsylvania ancestors in marriage and birth records at FamilySearch
  • Not done.

Maybe watch at least one genealogy webinar, read at least one Skillbuilders
  • Not done.

Maybe investigate RootsMagic. IF my Pennsylvania death certificates come in I'll have incentive to use RootsMagic
  • Not done.

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  1. Sounds like you've done a lot already! So why are you considering switching to RootsMagic? What are you using now? I love RM!


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