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"G" Surnames, Butler County, Pennsylvania Probate Files, 1895-1903

Note:  Since I originally posted this list I've finished looking at all the records in Butler County, Pennsylvania Probate files 1895-1907 no G343-465 and have added the names and image numbers.

Below is a partial list (through image 2004 and about the year 1903) of individuals whose last names begin with the letter G and whose wills were probated in Butler County, Pennsylvania, between 1895 and about 1903.  These names appear on the FamilySearch collection, Pennsylvania, Probate Records, 1683-1994, specifically Probate files 1895-1907 no G343-465.   (At this time, this collection is not indexed but can be browsed.)  The numbers after each name below indicate the image numbers, not page numbers.  Type the number into the box at the top of the FamilySearch page and click the arrow to go to the page.  Again. this is a partial list which goes only to page 2004, about the year 1903. 

Search hint:  Use your mouse to click on this page, then press the F3 button on your keyboard.  A search box will appear at the bottom of your screen where you can type the name of the person for whom you're searching.  When you're finished with the box, click on the "x" at the left and it will disappear.  If you search this way, remember to search name variations, too.

Gilliland, Rachel 1
Geibel, Charles 35
Gold, Nancy 517
Green, Charles 521
Graham, Matthew 537
Gilghrist, William 545
Grossman, Eliza 553
Goepfert, Martha 558
Gephart, John 597
Gibson, Mary V. 633
Ganter C. F. 640
Graham, Samuel 667
Goldtharp, John 730
Graf, Adam 765
Gilghrist, John 773
Gallagher, Ferguson W. 826
Gotgesell, Clemence 830
Guble [Geibel, Geible], Jacob 835
Grieb, L. M. 867
Green, George 874
Gerbach, Gertrude 895
Graham, O. P. 910
Gallagher, James 936
Goehring, Sarah 978
Gutgesell, Gertrude 991
Glenn, John N. [Neill, Newell] 996
Goebel, Elizabeth 1016
Graham, Mary E. 1022
Gilkey, T. A. 1028
Gold, Adam 1044
Gribben, Anna Maria 1082
Greer, John 1100
Galagher, Michel 1117
Glace, Mathias 1130
Gogen, Mary A. 1136
Godard, T. C. 1158
Gillespie, Manassas J. 1162
Glenn, Samuel 1167
Goldthorpe, Horatio 1212
Gilkey, Martha A. 1240
Glasgow, John 1245
Griffin, Sylvester 1279
Glace, Catherine 1309
Goehring, William 1357
Goetz, John A. 1428
Graham, Hiram 1452
Graham D. [Daniel] K. 1458
Glenn, William 1496
Groves, Charles 1501
Glenn, Robert F. 1509
Grossman, Hugh 1531
Graham, Clara 1537
Green, Sebastian 1557
George, Mary J. 1588
Greer, William [H.] 1592
Griffin, John D. 1634
Graham, Walter [L.] 1636
Graham, John C. 1641
Gregg, Harry L. 1643
Gill, Martha 1668
Galbreath, John 1673
Gibson, Sarah A. [Alice] 1723
Gallagher, Peter 1747
Garvin, Newton 1755
Gunst, John 1808
Gohman [Grohman], John 1943
George, Harry [P.] 1974
Grossheim, George W. 1999
Gilkey, Elizabeth 2004
Gibson, Nancy 2050
Gardner, Barnard 2076
Garvin, Wilson 2081
Gilfillen, Margaret 2100
Gibson, [W.] James 2103
Garvin, Benjamin 2115
Grossman, Malinda 2132
Gerlach/Garlach, George 2152
Gallagher, Joseph 2169
Gerchen, Charles H. 2202
Graham, Wilson W. 2220
Galbraith, John [Rev.] 2224
Gilfillan, Mary Ann 2270
Gallagher, Edwin F. 2274
Green, Thomas S. 2301
Goetz, Margaret 2311
Geschwind/Geschwine, Elizabeth A. H. 2319
Grant, Robert J. 2376
Gansz, Elizabeth 2381
Gilmore, Joseph 2387
Grieb, Carrie 2413
Gilleland/Gilliland, Maria A. 2418
Glasgow, Margaret 2446
Graham, Seth W. 2480
Gilgrist, James G. 2485
Gephardt, Ann Lena 2490
Gregg, Mary Catherine 2513
Grant, Robert N. 2553
Grier, Samuel L. 2600
Gibson, Robert 2605
Glace, Rosa A. 2660
Graham, Charlotte A. 2665
Gibson, John W. 2670
Garvin, J. W. 2680
Gilliland, W. J. 2707
Garvin, Margaret 2711
Golden, Patrick, 2734
Gerner, Philip A. 2740
Green, Joseph A. 2820
Gibson, Harvey 2825
Graham, Thomas 2848
Griffith, H. P. 2883
Galebach/Gelbach, Sophia 2977
Gaisford, J. C. 2991
Gattings/Gattins, Esther 2998
Gibson, Eli [L.] 3007
Graham, Susannah 3032
Gray, Joseph S. 3042
Greer, Joseph 3062
Graham, N. McCloud 3068
Gerlach, Charles 3082

There are 3141 images in the collection.  I stopped at image 2004, in 1903, because the man I was trying to find died in 1899.  My method for searching was to move forward 5 images at a time.  If that image showed a different name, I went back 4 images, then forward 1 page at a time until I found the next name.

This post is an offering of a Random Act of Genealogical Kindness (RAOGK).  Since I had to search page by page I thought I might as well write down the names and image numbers.  I hope it will be helpful to anyone using a search engine to find an ancestor whose name is on the above list -- at least until the images are indexed.



  1. Just for the heck of it, I checked John Greer, Image #1100. My Greers landed in Maryland and went south from there, but since you made it so easy I couldn't resist a peek. He's not one of mine (no surprise) but John Greer's will was made in Lawrence Co. in case anyone else is curious. Thanks for the RAOGK.

  2. My neighbor's husband died without a will, but she wanted to make sure the children from his first marriage inheritted nothing, even though I don't think they had anything. Anyway, it looks like she created a will, had two other neighbors "witness" it, and another neighbor notarized it. I realize if it's proven, the estate will go into probate, but what could happen to the wife and others involved?

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