Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Bunny Wish

My sister Marsha can't remember if the events recorded here happened at Easter or on her birthday but with her permission to share, I'm posting it on her birthday.

Marsha was 4 or 5 years old and she desperately wanted a bunny -- a real, honest-to-goodness, living bunny.  It was the desire of her young heart that she have a bunny of her very own to hold, hug, and enjoy.  Had she told her parents this?  Had she only mentioned wishing for a bunny?  Did they realize the depth of her desire for a bunny?

Her father told her that he a great surprise for her.  She was to wait at home and he would bring it.  The anticipation must have been great, 
waiting for the arrival of that precious bunny, for she was sure it would be a bunny.

The disappointment was as bitter as had been the anticipation when the great surprise brought home by her father was not a bunny but, instead, a brand new tricycle!

As far as I know there was never a bunny, at least not a living bunny, in her life.  She eventually got over the disappointment and enjoyed the trike as you can see in the photo at right.

Here's to a year with no disappointments!  Happy Birthday, Marsha.  Love you.



  1. I'm torn between "awww that's so sweet" and "oh that's so funny." Looking at that cute child, I find it hard to believe anyone could have denied her a bunny. Yet, who could be disappointed with a new bike? Happy Birthday, Marsha -- maybe THIS will be your year!

    1. I think the humor wins out for both my sister and me now, Wendy. She was cute but my parents never seemed to be swayed by cuteness -- unfortunately. On the other hand, maybe it's fortunate that they weren't swayed or we could have had quite a large menagerie in and around our home.

  2. Our younger son lusted after a "He-Man Power Sword" when he was a little boy and we decided that that inevitable swinging of a sword in the house and probable engagements with his older brother were to be avoided. I forget now what it was that we got him instead for Christmas that year, but he was crestfallen at not getting the He-Man Power Sword. It was a desire of his for a few years and then fell off his radar. Those disappointments can be powerful and stay with kids for a long time. He still jokes half seriously about not getting that sword.

    Perhaps we should have gotten it for him as an investment. About two years ago we thought to get him one for Christmas (he is now 27) but when we searched eBay for one we found they were quite expensive and decided it was too much for a good-natured joke. :-)

    1. Oh, John, I can't stop laughing. It's late and I'm tired but your description is really quite good. Your poor son. He could probably have paid part of his college education (well, maybe only a small part, maybe only a textbook) if he had received the sword when he first wanted it and sold it later.

      I don't know if you're old enough to remember but as a girl I ate a lot of Cracker Jack and saved all those toys. For years and years. Finally, it just seemed like they were taking up space needed for other things, so I tossed them. Now, 40 or 50 years later, it's sad to realize the goldmine I had and tossed.

      Maybe some year you'll find your son a "He-Man Power Sword" at an excellent price and he can give it to his own son (if/when he has one).

  3. What a sweet and humorous story about Marsha. Poor child! She must have been very disappointed at not receiving her much-hoped-for live bunny for her birthday. But, a new bike? That's a wonderful gift for any child. Did your parents ever find out what she was really hoping for, for her birthday gift?

    1. Hi, Jana. She told of her disappointment but Marsha didn't describe her outward response. My parents didn't tolerate much crying and my sister probably wouldn't have wanted to spoil her birthday. I hope she shifted her anticipated joy to at least pleasure at having a bike to ride. I doubt my parents ever learned what she really wanted but even if they knew, I suspect a bunny would have been out of the question. More work for Mom.


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