Thursday, August 21, 2014

GeneaAngels - Thankful Thursday

GeneaAngels abound in the family history blogging world and this week I've been blessed by two of them.  I want to publicly thank Leah and Claudia for their help.

Leah A. of Leah's Family Tree read my post, A Sweet Little Family, and noticed that I was unable to obtain a news article about the probable father in the family of that post.  I had a source for the article but no access.  She had access and offered to obtain the article and mail it to me.  And, voilĂ , the next day there it was.  It confirmed an identity and provided helpful information about the family.  Thank you, Leah!

Both Claudia, of Claudia's Genealogy Blog, and I have Western Pennsylvania ancestors, but she has the benefit of living in the state and being able to attend local genealogy society meetings.  She emailed me last week to alert me to a book she saw at the previous night's meeting:  Mercer County Pennsylvania Pictorial  History 1800-2000.  She suggested I might find it helpful and, from her description, I think it may enhance my Mercer County research.  I have not yet laid hands on a copy of the book but I hope to soon.  Thank you, Claudia!

You are both kind GeneaAngels and I appreciate your help.  Thank you, Leah and Claudia.


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  1. Making connections like this is one of the unexpected pleasures of blogging. Three Cheers for Leah and Claudia!

  2. This is, what we like about blogging - helping each other!

  3. It is one of the great things about blogging. Thanks for leaving comments, Wendy and Karen. I appreciate them.


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