Monday, August 10, 2015

Alonzo J. Gerner, WW I Draft Registration Card - Military Monday

Alonzo J. Gerner is my paternal grandmother Beulah Mae (Gerner) Doyle's brother.

On the World War I Draft Registration Cards, the question is not "Wife's Name" or "Mother's Name" or Father's Name" but "Nearest Relative." If this were the first document a researcher saw, s/he should not assume which relationship exists between the registrant and the nearest relative.  Further research will help determine the relationship.

Registration Card
Serial Number 2061
Order Number A1286
1 (First, Middle, Last Name) Alonzo J. Gerner
2 Permanent Home Address  Baldwin Butler Pa
3 Age in Years 44
4 Date of Birth  July 25 1874
5 Race White
6 through 9 [blank]
10  Native Born
11 through 15 [blank]
16 Present Occupation  Coal Miner
17 Employer's Name  [blank]
18 Place of Employment or Business:  Baldwin Butler Pa
Nearest Relative
19 Name  Aline Gerner
20 Address  Baldwin, Butler Pa
I affirm that I have verified above answers and that they are true
Alonzo J Gerner [signature]

Registrar's Report 37-2-7. C
Description of Registrant
21 [blank]
22 Medium
23 [blank]
24 Slender
25 [blank]
26 [blank]
Color of Eyes
27 Brown
Color of Hair
28 Dark Brown
29 [blank]
30 [blank]
(Signature of Registrar) Nannie McGarvey [signature]
Date of Registration  September 12, 1918

[Rubber Stamp]:
Local Board for Division No. 2
County of Butler, State of Pa.,
Butler, Pa
(Stamp of Local Board)

Based on other research, Aline is Alonzo's first wife.



  1. I like draft registration cards because of all the interesting bits of information. The physical description is always fascinating. My favorite bit of info is the employer.

    1. I like them for the same reasons, Wendy. When there's a black and white photo or no photo of the ancestor, knowing height, build, and eye and hair color helps me imagine them as individuals. Yes, employer is great to know but darn if Alonzo didn't record his.


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