Friday, April 1, 2016

April Birthdays and Anniversaries Among Ancestors and Relatives

While compiling this list I've been thinking of how few individuals on it I know personally.  Those I don't died before I was born.  I wonder what they would think to see their names published for all to see on the internet (which to them would, no doubt, be the strangest medium in the world).

Living Relatives
April   3, 1960  Bill S.
April   4, 1969  David P.
April   8, 2010  Noah Q.
April 10, 1965  Chuck and Marsha P.
April 22, 1995  Holly and Bill S.

Foremothers and Forefathers
April 11, 1840  Ellis H. Bickerstaff, my mother's maternal great-grandfather
April 13, 1836  Andrew Doyle, my father's paternal great-grandfather
April 15, 1880  Ellis H. Bickerstaff and Sarah J. McCune; Ellis is my great-great-grandfather
April 24, 1870  Henry C. Meinzen and Elizabeth Armitage, my mother's paternal grandparents
April 27, 1871  Edward Jesse Bickerstaff, my mother's maternal grandfather

Among My Collateral Lines
April   1, 1920  William Dray
April   3, 1919  Bertha Harris
April   4, 1861  William Henry Thompson
April   8, 1875  Mary Ann Doyle
April   8, 1931  James Eugene Bickerstaff
April   9, 1877  George Doyle
April   9, 1897  Daniel Francis Bickerstaff
April   9, 1949  Belinda Dray
April 14, 1898  Jacob Froman and Maria Watts
April 15, 1910  Emma E. Bickerstaff
April 18, 1887  George K. Harris
April 19, 1875  Mary Ann Smith
April 23, 1853  Lewis B. Bickerstaff
April 24, 1840  Margaret Laws
April 25, 1884  John Harrison Hendricks
April 26, 1868  Martha Doyle
April 27, 1871  Alice Bickerstaff
April 27, 1895  John Ellis Bickerstaff
April 30, 1898  Paul Victor Gerner

Happy Celebrations to you, dear ancestors.



  1. So many of my ancestors seemed unsure of their birthdays. That makes me wonder if they ever actually celebrated a birthday.

    1. I think the further back we go the less accurate we can be about birthdays, Wendy. (You can see that my list goes to only about the mid-1800s.) I suppose our ancestors didn't celebrate birthdays in as big a way as we celebrate today or maybe, as you suggest, they didn't celebrate at all. When so many people weren't literate generations ago it seems less likely that they would have been able to specifically identify their dates of birth. I should do some research about birthday celebrations in times past.... Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment.

  2. Love that Bluebird Postcard I saw it in an antique shop yesterday $4.50, I left it there!
    Now that is a list, and a great idea to keep track of everyones birthday!
    I went through your never know:)


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