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Updated January 14, 2022.


Charts, Forms, and Research Aids

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The Odd, the Unusual, the Miscellaneous that Won't Help You Find an Ancestor But Might Help Explain Some Aspect of His Life


    Newspapers and Books of Their Times

     About Earlier Times and Places

    Image Resources

    Learning to Become a Better Family Historian / Genealogist

    Diaries of the Past


    1. i have my german ancestry (Ahnenafel), the problem I have, it is written in Suetterlin the old german langguage. wher can I find someone who still knows hoe to read it. ai would appriciate anyones help.

    2. I would like someone who still can help me to read the old german " Suetterlin language. I have the ancestry (Ahnentafel" but can't read all of it. Is there a person who can help me?

      1. Hi Ingeborg, I provide Sütterlin transcription and translations if you are still searching for someone. Feel free to send me an e-mail at and I'll see if I can help!


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