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Updated 28 May 2022

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      1. I am trying to find the birth and marriage record for Marie Specht B 1859 in Philadelphia- to Jacob Friedrich Theurer B 1851 Spielberg Germany. They lived most (all) of their lives in Milwaukee WI-can you direct me to a likely resource-have looked at Ancestry--Thanks!!

        1. I know continues to add to their collection of Pennsylvania marriage records. It's possible you could find a record there. When you search be sure to consider all possible spelling variations. Good luck!

      2. Your site is very impressive!!! Retired a few years ago, and want desperately to organize. I came across your site, looking for info on Old German Transcription. My Grandmother came in the early 1920's. She had 3 brothers who were priest, one was one of Hitler's priest, another a Dominican who ended up in Dachau, and survived, and one came to the US. Their mother died at a young age. This past year I was able to obtain my great uncles records from Dachau prison camp and the records for the one who was one of Hitlers priest. ALL handwritten, and totally alien to me. But now I believe I could make some headway now. Thanks so much!!


        1. Thank you, Cathy, and you're welcome. What interesting ancestors you have, with such sad experiences. I'm glad you were able to find records for your grandmother's brothers, and that they survived! Good luck with translating the records!


      I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by.

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