Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Belinda and Gramma Meinzen

Aren't these wonderful photos?

Yes, they're grey and white instead of black and white, but still, you can see Belinda's and Gramma's faces fairly well.

They were probably taken in about 1954, maybe 1953, in Gramma Meinzen's back yard in Mineral Ridge, Ohio.

Gramma Meinzen did not like to be photographed and either turned away from the camera or simply did not smile. I believe this is, perhaps, the only photograph of her with a smile on her face! At least it's the only one I can remember of her smiling.

Gramma is Emma (Bickerstaff) Meinzen, daughter of Edward Jesse and Mary (Thompson) Bickerstaff. She was born 6 July 1893 in Steubenville, Ohio, and died on 7 February 1973 in Warren, Trumbull County, Ohio.

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