Tuesday, September 8, 2009

David & Belinda - more photos from "the box"

I don't have a date for these photos but they were probably taken in about 1953 or 1954. In the bottom photo, Belinda is reaching toward Gramma's collie, Buster. I remember him as a quiet, gentle dog, but I don't ever remember him being in the house.
In the background of the photos you can see the Hancox's house. Their house separated our house from Gramma's and Grampa's house. I loved their little house. It was very small and narrow and seemed very rambling to me. I knew the inside of it because Mr. and Mrs. Hancox had granddaughters who came to visit for a week or two at a time in the summers and we played together. The house had a back porch that was more like an attached shed where we set up "house" and played for hours on end. One of our favorite activities was making goulash. We collected grass clippings, flower heads, leaves, small sticks, put them in a pot with water, stirred, and it eventually became goulash. We did not ever eat it!

Okay, so this post rambles just like the Hancox's house!

Isn't David cute? Don't you wonder why David is in jeans and Belinda is dressed up in white shoes, coat, bonnet, and purse?

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