Saturday, August 28, 2010

Remembering Jan

One of my daughters commented this evening that she thought Jan looked like Marilyn Monroe. I'd never noticed the resemblance when she was alive, probably because there was no similarity in their personalities. I don't know if Jan would consider looking like Marilyn Monroe a compliment or not.

Jan was my first sister-in-law. Her name was Janet Lou Patten but from the beginning we called her Jan.

When my brother told us he was bringing someone home for us to meet, we were surprised and pleased. We oohed and aahed when he announced that she was from London -- until he told us it was London, Ohio. He also told us she was a home economics teacher. Our response to that was dread that she might notice the not-perfectly-aligned, home-sewn curtains in our bedrooms. We should have had no concern about it. She was very gracious.

I spent many happy hours with Jan and learned much from her. She was a special lady.

She passed away in the spring of 1995. She would have been celebrating her 72nd birthday today if she were still here. I hope she's celebrating there along with lots and lots of other family members who love her. Happy Birthday, Jan!


  1. What a great picture. Happy Birthday, Jan!

  2. She is very beautiful - she does look somewhat like Marilyn Monroe!

  3. Yes, she is lovely and has more than a touch of the Marilyn about her :-)

  4. Happy Birthday Beautiful Jan.


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