Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Three Girls - Wordless Wednesday

About 1925
Left to right are cousins
Mary and Helen Bickerstaff, daughters of Lucy & William Bickerstaff, and
Audrey Meinzen, daughter of Wm. Carl Robert & Emma Bickerstaff Meinzen
Location may be Mineral Ridge or Niles, Ohio


  1. Nancy,
    I wanted more...more about these girls and more of a photo. It shows you, I really enjoyed this picture.

  2. Me too! Who are they? Where are they?

  3. This is my first ever Wordless Wednesday post so I thought I should keep it wordless.... The only thing I know for sure about this photo is that my mother is the girl standing on the left as we look at the photo. I'm hoping my aunt, my mother's youngest sister, will be able to tell me who the other two girls are and possibly where the photo was taken. I'll add more if I learn anything. Thanks for visiting and leaving comments, Barbara and Kristin. I appreciate it.


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