Thursday, January 28, 2016

Readers, Followers, and Google Friend Connect

Google is making some changes to blogger again.  This time they're discontinuing Google Friend Connect for those who do not have Google accounts.  I didn't think this would effect me much but I've noticed that I have fewer friends and followers now than a few weeks ago.  If you'd like to be my friend and follow My Ancestors and Me through Google Friend Connect, you'll need to create a Google account, come to my blog, and click to become a friend.  If you don't, I know I will miss you!

Many people follow blogs with a reader these days.  Some of the popular ones are bloglovin', feedly, and The Old Reader.  And I know others receive emails every time a new post is published.  I usually read blog posts with feedly and sometimes with bloglovin' but I jump over to blogs to leave comments.  Often, though, at my blogger dashboard I scroll through the newest posts.  I love Google Friend Connect and seeing the friendly faces of followers in my sidebar -- and your sidebars when I visit your blogs.  I hope you'll choose to continue to follow My Ancestors and Me or, if you're new, choose to begin following it with your Google account.

If you have a blogger blog and want to learn more you can read the post about Google Friend Connect changes here.

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  1. mine dropped 8 a couple of days ago, just hope i don't lose any more

  2. I have never kept track of followers so I don't know how it has affected me... Google and Blogger are always changing stuff:)

    1. For some reason, many of us think that the "Members" with Google Friend Connect give an accurate idea of how many people read our blogs. I honestly doubt that (because I follow lots of blogs through GFC but I don't read all of them) but it is fun to see the friendly faces on my sidebar and imagine that they are all reading my posts. You're probably wise not to pay any attention to numbers.

      Yes, Google seems always to be making improvements, though some affect us bloggers more than others.

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment, Far Side.

  3. So far I gained 9 and then lost 20. But I don't know how to count those that come in on their own anyway. I do get quite a few anonymous comments and I always assume it is because they don't have an account.

    1. I think it's hard to tell how many people read our blogs, because they can read with Google Friend Connect, or feedly, or bloglovin', or any other reader. And some can subscribe to receive emails of our posts.... It's fun to imagine that we write for a specific audience who reads every one of our posts, though, isn't it, Kathleen? (Well, you probably DO have many, many people who eagerly await your posts!)


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