Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving, 1955

These are photographs of my Aunt Dot's family and my grandparents. Going clockwise around the table from the lower left front are Aunt Dot, David, Uncle Bill, Grampa M., Belinda, and Gramma M. These photos were probably taken in their house on Burnett Street in Mineral Ridge.

Do you notice any differences between Thanksgiving, 1955, and Thanksgiving, 2008 or 2009? My aunt and uncle were not poor, so this is not a poor family's dinner, and yet there are only the traditional foods without many extras. In recent years it seems that there is often an abundance of excess.

The other difference I noticed was the clothing. These days during the fall and winter months, in our home at least, we wear long sleeves and sweaters. I think that in the 1950s there was not an energy crunch so homes were kept warmer than they are now.

These photographs came from the box from Aunt Polly who was, of course, the photographer. Actually, these were slides that I had made into photographs.

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  1. I very much enjoyed seeing the Thanksgiving a la 1955. Thank you. - Marsha


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