Saturday, December 19, 2009

Only Two Christmases

The postcard to the left was mailed on December 22, 1911, just 3 days after Beulah Gerner and Gust Doyle were married.

The postcard below was mailed on December 21, 1912, a year and 2 days after they were married -- and just two months and one week before Beulah gave birth to twins.

Neither postcard was mailed to or from them, but I appreciate the fact that they were from the time period when my grandparents were newlyweds.

I hope those were happy Christmases for my grandparents. I hope there was love and peace, joy and happiness in their home. I hope they were warm and cozy in their farmhouse.

I would hope this for any ancestor, but I especially hope these things for these particular grandparents because Beulah lost one of her twins 3 days after the baby was born. And then Beulah passed away in early March, 1913.

The two Christmases when these postcards were in use were the only ones my grandparents, Gust and Beulah (Gerner) Doyle, spent together.

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