Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Putting Him to Rest / Oh, the Places I've Searched!

Henry Carl Meinzen. Born 25 July 1837 in Hannover, Prussia, Germany. Worked as carpenter, wagon-maker, laborer, gardener, and confectioner. Husband of Elizabeth Armitage, father of 15 children. Died 30 December 1925 in Steubenville, Ohio. May he rest in peace.

I’m putting Henry Carl Meinzen to rest. Not forever. Just for a while. Not that you won’t read stories and see newspapers articles about him on this blog. But I’m going to take a break from actively searching for him for a while. Perhaps new evidence will come to light in a year or two or three.

Successful Searches
U. S. Census records - Henry C. Meinzen was found in every census year he was in America, each year with a spelling variant of his name.

Naturalization papers - found in Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio

Church records for him and each of his children - found at Zion United Church of Christ, formerly Zion Evangelical Lutheran Church. For Henry, only death information was found.

Property records and deeds - found in Jefferson County court records

City directories - found in several different years in Steubenville, Ohio

Local newspapers - on specific dates for births, marriages, and deaths of him and his children. Also general searches on’s newspapers - found his involvement in I.O.O.F and gardening; found articles about several of his children; obituary for him and Elizabeth

Death certificates for him, his wife, and several of his children - found at the Ohio Historical Society Archives and online at

Burial records - found him and the rest of his family and several non-family infants buried on his plot in Union Cemetery, Steubenville, Ohio

Unsuccessful searches
Passenger records - did not find him (though found someone that fits every description except first name)

Will/estate file - as far as I can tell, he didn't have one, though his wife did

Civil War Graves Registration Index - there is a card with his name but I have been unable to find any further information indicating that he served in the Civil War (4 years before his naturalization papers state his arrive in America); no pension applicaton; nor are there any family stories about him having served in the Civil War

IOOF - I know he was a member but two requests for information have gone unanswered

Possible Future Searches
Carpenters' unions, 1870-1910, Jefferson County, Ohio

If you readers have any ideas where else I can/should search, I'd be thrilled for the suggestions. Thanks.

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