Tuesday, June 15, 2010

My Research Stops with Rebecca Smith

My research stops with the knowledge of my father's maternal grandparents' names. From my father's aunt (his mother's sister), I learned that my great-great-grandparents' names were Dixon and Susan (Smith) Bartley and that they lived in Parker Township, Butler County, Pennsylvania.

From a cousin, David Bartley, I learned that Susan Smith was born on June 15, 1817, in Parker Township. I don't usually adopt an individual as an ancestor based on someone else's research and without at least one document of some kind to support the information, but after having looked at David's One Pennsylvania Bartley Family and corresponded with him, I fully trust his research. (That's not to say that I won't search for myself also. I'll want to see everything and obtain any documents for myself.)

David also tells me that Rebecca and Dixon were married on July 16, 1836, when Rebecca was barely 19 and Dixon about 30, based on his estimated birth year of 1806.

I found Rebecca and Dixon in the 1860 and 1870 census records, with 9 children between the two census reports. My great-grandmother, Elvira, was listed in both.

Well, my research on Rebecca hasn't stopped on purpose. It's just that before 1850, census reports contain only names of heads of households -- and with a last name like Smith, however would I guess - let alone know - which Smith is mine when I have no other information?! You see, I'm still fairly new to genealogy research. Cousin David's research is exclusive to the Bartley line, back to Ireland. So I'm left to my own resources for finding Rebecca (Smith) Bartley's parents and siblings.

If any of you who read this are more experienced and have search suggestions, I'd be thrilled to hear them.

Now to get back on topic.... This is a birthday post for Great-great-gramma Rebecca Smith Bartley. I hope you have a wonderful birthday, Gramma, and if I've got the wrong date and I find the correct one, we'll remember you another day. Happy Birthday!


  1. Whew - researching a Smith brick wall. Wish I could say "been there, done that," but that would make the impression that I had accomplished something; it's more like "that's where I am right now." I wish you good luck!


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