Thursday, August 5, 2010

Some of Henry & Elizabeth (Armitage) Meinzen's Descendants

A week or so ago I wrote about how Henry Meinzen's surname died when his sons had no living sons. Even though he had no one to carry on his name, he and his wife Elizabeth (Armitage) have lots and lots of descendants. I don't know who all of them are because the families have grown apart, but I know my grandfather's living siblings and some of those who have come through my grandfather's line.

I decided to post photographs of the descendants I know. I was going to post the photos individually but decided that 50+ photos would cause the page to load ever so slowly (if at all). Instead, I asked Picasa to make a collage. And so here it is. The clarity of the images is not as good as if I'd posted the images individually, but those who have been to this blog before will have seen many of these photos already. I thought it was fun to put them all together in one place. I hope you enjoy looking. (You can make the collage larger by clicking on it.)


  1. Very nice. I think I will use it on my Finding Eliza blog down the line a bit.

  2. I love looking at all these photos of faces! What a great tribute to Henry and Elizabeth.

  3. I just wish Henry and Elizabeth could see this.

  4. This is a neat idea - I'll have to try it out.


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