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Dedication Day Program, Mineral Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church

Among my mother's papers I found the "Dedication Day Program" of September 7, 1930, for the "Methodist Episcopal Church" in Mineral Ridge, Ohio. I will post 19 of the 20 pages of the program (the back page is blank) and will include transcriptions of several of the pages I think are more interesting or may be helpful for others seeking ancestors.

In the program are pages with the church officers, a historical survey, schedule of services of the day, and the symbolism of the stained glass windows, all of which are on the right side pages. The rest of the pages are comprised of advertising and good wishes for the success of the church. I'll begin with a transcription of the page of church officers and contractors and companies who worked on and provided supplies for the building of the church. (The actual page is at the end of this post.)

Robert Garland, President; Frank Clemson, Financial Secretary; F. C. Dunlap, Recording Secretary; B. R. Koch; C. W. Harshman; Frank Knoyer; Robert Bowden

Mrs. George Jones; Mrs. Mary James; Mrs. Wm. Delaney; Mrs. John Laramey; Joseph Payne; C. H. Bixler, Church Treasurer

Other Members
Mrs. Robert Bowden; John Fairburn

Organization Presidents and Superintendents
Sunday School--B. R. Koch
Ladies' Aid--Mrs. Geo. Jones
Missionary Society--Mrs. Robert Bowden
Epworth League--John Fairburn
Men's Brotherhood--O. H. Garland
King's Heralds--Alice Clemson
Light Bearers--Mrs. W. A. Smith
Choir--Mrs. H. A. Reichel

The Building Committee
W. H. Maurer, Architect; B. R. Koch, Chairman; Mrs. Geo. Jones, Treasurer; Frank Clemson, Secretary; Mrs. B. G. Rosensteel; Robert Garland; Haines A. Reichel, Pastor

The Building Finance Committee
Frank Knoyer; Mrs. Geo. Jones; Robert Meinzen; Bertram Simpson; L. A. Drake; Mrs. B. G. Rosensteel; B. R. Koch; Mrs. Geo. Momrris; Haines A. Reichel, Pastor


In the name of the Mineral Ridge Methodist Episcopal Church and the Building Committee, we wish to express our thanks today to the following Contactors, Architect and material men for the cooperation which they have given in the completion of our new House of Worship and express our appreciation for the thorough and workmanlike manner in which each has executed his work and for the pleasant relationships we have had with these builders during the construction.
Mr. W. H. Maurer, Architect
Harries and Bowers, Masons
W. H. Bickerstaff, Carpenter
The Niles Plumbing and Heating Co.
The Buser Art Glass Co.
The Akron Art Stone Co.
D. M. Davis, Painting
The Ridge Electric Co.
The Smith Baldwin Co.
James Smith, Plaster
Meander Coal and Supply Co.
The Bingham Co., Hardware
The Mills Co., Partitions
The Quiet Zone Folding Wall Co.
The C. H. Neff Lumber Co.
The Sterling-Welch Co., Floor Coverings
The Dalzell Bros. Co., Sheet Metal
The Harr-Thayer Iron Co., Steel
The Valley Cities Brick Co., Face Brick
The Federal Clay Products Co., Glazed Brick
The Novelty Lighting Fixture Co.
Emmett Meade, Slate Roofer
D. J. Hughes, Supplies
Stephan Huges, Cement Work
J. D. Fithian, Chairs
The Shelby Cabinet Mfg. Co., Pews
The Allied Products Co., Waterproofing
The Niles Trust Co., The Dollar Savings Bank,
The Home Savings & Loan Co. and the McKinley Savings Bank of Niles, Finance

And to all others who have helped in any way with other work or donated labor, time, trucks or materials, we extend our thanks.

I was pleased to see my grandfather, Robert Meinzen, listed on the Building Finance Committee and my grandmother's brother, W. H. Bickerstaff, as the carpenter. Building this church must have been a huge undertaking. No doubt W. H. had some assistants.

You can view the rest of the pages from the program by clicking on these links: "A Brief Historical Sketch" of the Mineral Ridge Methodist Church; About the Stained Glass Windows of the Mineral Ridge Methodist Church; and Mineral Ridge Businesses, 1930.

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