Thursday, October 28, 2010

Elizabeth Jane Laws

Family records tell me that Elizabeth Jane Laws was born in England, probably in Northumberland, on this day in 1845. She attended a church school where she learned to read, write, do arithmetic, and sew. She probably also learned to think independently and to make careful decisions.

When she was 16 she married Andrew Doyle, a widower who was 9 years older than her. As you can imagine, her unhappy parents opposed the marriage. They were probably even more unhappy when, 8 years later her husband left for America and a year later she emigrated with their 4 young children.

My siblings and I are strong-willed; some might even go so far as to call us stubborn at times. Over the years we've always attributed that trait to the Doyle side of the family, probably because we saw it so clearly in our father. When I consider Elizabeth Jane, I think perhaps the strong will comes from the Laws side of the family, too!

I wish you a happy, happy birthday, Grandy! I'm so glad you made the choice you did -- or I wouldn't be here!

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