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Timeline for Harry Hepler

This is an effort to compile in one place all the information available to me at this time for Harry H. Hepler, husband of Ida Gerner. I'd like to reunite Harry, Ida, and daughter Lucille, at least on paper, to complete their little family circle.

1876 - Mar
Harry H. Hepler born March, 1876, in Penna. (1900 census)

Harry H. Hepler and Ida Gerner marry (1900 census)

1900 - Jun
Harry H. Hepler, living with wife Ida in Elwood City, Lawrence County, Penna., married 0 years; born March 1876 in Penna; glassblower (1900 census)

1904 - Mar 27
Daughter Lucille born in Franklin, Harrison, Ohio (familysearch)

1904 - Oct 9
Ida dies in Butler County, Penna. (Ida’s Butler Eagle obituary. Harry is not mentioned in the obituary.)

1912 - Feb 2
Daughter Lucille dies in Jefferson Twp., Butler, Penna. (Butler Eagle obituary)

Below MAY be Ida Gerner’s widow Harry Hepler and his second wife, Rose/Rosanna Heim/Hyme:

1900 - Jun
Rose Hyme, 15 years, living with mother, Magdline Hyme & sister, Margaret Townsend, in Hocking Twp. South & East, Fairfield, Ohio (1900 census)

1906 - Jul 6
H. H. Hepler (b. 1877) marries Rose Heim (b. 1885) in Covington, Kenton, KY
(“Kentucky Marriages, 1785-1979" on beta.familysearch.org)

Daughter Margery born (age 12 in 1920 census)

1908 - Aug 18
Daughter Lillian born (age 11 in 1920 census; year from Ohio Births on familysearch; whole date from Fairfield County Birth Records where mother is named as Anna Heim)

Daughter Harriet born (age 9 in 1920 census; 20 on 1930 census)

1912 - Feb 2
Harry and Ida's daughter, Lucille Hepler, dies of typhoid fever at the home of her grandparents, Fred and Elvira (Bartley) Gerner, in Jefferson Twp., Butler County, Penna. (Butler Eagle obituary.)

Daughter Geraldine born (age 7 in 1920 census; 18 on 1930 census)

Daughter Gertrude born (age 3 ?/12 in 1920 census; 14 on 1930 census)

Son Harry H. born (age 0 in 1920 census; 10 on 1930 census)

Son Bennie born (age 6 in 1930 census)

Daughter Patty born (age 5 in 1930 census)

1920 - Jan
Harry Hepler lives with wife, Rosanna; is 43 years old; lives at 161 Washington Ave., Lancaster, Fairfield, Ohio; works as blower in auto lens works (1920 census)

Harry Hepler, 54 years, lives with wife, Rosanna, in Lancaster, Fairfield County, Ohio; children are Harriet (20), Geraldine (18), Gertrude (14), Harry (10), Bennie (6), and Patty (5) (1930 census)

1945 - Jul 10
Rose Ann Hepler dies, age 60 years, 2 months, 25 days; husband is Harry Hepler, living at 223 E. Main St., Rushville; burial in St. Mary Cemetery, Lancaster, Ohio [Father: Amos Hyme; mother: Magiline Minninger] (Ohio death certificate)

1952 - Nov 17
Geraldine Hepler Everett dies (familysearch)

1958 - Dec 25
Harry Hepler dies (St. Mary Parish church records)
in Nashville, TN; survivors are wife Margaret; son Harry H. Heplar [sic], Jr., of Huntsville, Ala.; daughters Mrs. Harold Kittrell of Columbus; Mrs. Lloyd Jordan of Columbus; Mrs. Bernice Savage of Cleveland; Mrs. Ralph Bibler of Junction City; Mrs. James Larkin of Nashville; and Mrs. Wallace Cly of Lancaster. Interment in St. Mary Cemetery, Lancaster. (Lancaster Eagle-Gazette obituary).

I have requested a copy of Harry's and Rosanna's marriage certificate from Kenton County, Kentucky. Knowing that Harry had been previously married may give some credence to the possibility that this Harry Hepler is Ida Gerner's husband/widow.

I hope that someone who is a descendant of Harry Hepler will contact me after reading this blog post.

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  1. HI I am a decendant to Harry Hepler! I found your blog, I have been trying to find information on him as well! I can give you what I have, perhaps we can share data! I don't have much he has been hard to track and I don't actually spend that much time working on it, hit or miss...
    Jo Hannah Ward


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