Friday, November 12, 2010

The Family of Edward Jesse and Mary (Thompson) Bickerstaff

Edward Jesse Bickerstaff
b. 27 Apr 1871, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 23 Dec 1945, Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio
m. 15 Mar 1891, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio

Mary Thompson
b. 26 Oct 1873, New Alexandria, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 6 Sep 1940, Mineral Ridge, Trumbull, Ohio

William Henry Bickerstaff
b. 26 January 1892, Steubenville Township, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 14 August 1958, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio
m. 9 September 1909, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: Lucy M. VanKirk

Emma Virginia Bickerstaff
b. 6 Jul 1893, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
d.7 Feb 1973, Warren, Trumbull, Ohio
m. 8 Sep 1914, Mineral Ridge, Trumbull, Ohio
Spouse: William Carl Robert Meinzen

John Ellis Bickerstaff
b. 27 Apr 1897, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 25 Jul 1970, Warren, Trumbull, Ohio
m. 24 Dec 1915, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: Alice May Bickerstaff [Yes, Bickerstaff. They were cousins.]

Daniel Francis Bickerstaff
b. 9 Apr 1897, Steubenville Township, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 3 Sep 1974, Warren, Trumbull, Ohio
m. divorced, but no information about spouse's name

Mary Ellen Bickerstaff
b. 31 Mar 1899, Steubenville Township, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 5 Mar 1999, Mineral Ridge, Trumbull, Ohio
m. 29 Jun 1917, Mineral Ridge, Ohio
Spouse: Edward Morris

Edward Jesse Bickerstaff
b. 20 Nov 1904, Steubenville Township, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 26 May 1962, Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio
m. 1922
Spouse: Agnes M. Pressell

Andrew Earl Bickerstaff
b. 20 Oct 1906, Steubenville Township, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 6 Mar 1971, Warren, Trumbull, Ohio
m. before 1945
Spouse: Edna Vandergrift
m. 30 Oct 1948
Spouse: Iva M. Traichel

Flora Victoria Bickerstaff
b. 5 Aug 1909, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 30 Agu 1910, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio

Cora Elizabeth Bickerstaff
b. 28 Feb 1911, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 26 Feb 1999, Youngstown, Mahoning, Ohio

Edward Jesse and Mary (Thompson) Bickerstaff and their daughter, Flora, are buried in Oakland Cemetery, Mingo Junction, Jefferson County, Ohio. John Ellis is buried in Niles Union Cemetery, Niles, Trumbull, Ohio. All other children are buried in Kerr Cemetery, Evansville, Trumbull, Ohio.

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