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The Family of Jacob & Lydia (Fithen) Bell of Jefferson County, Ohio

Below is the family of Jacob Bell and Lydia Fithen as far as I've been able to discover them. They lived primarily in Jefferson County, Ohio. Some of the children passed away years after my mother was born in 1915, and yet this is a side of the family about which never a word was spoken, nor ever a visit was made.

The connection between me and this couple passes through my mother, Audrey Meinzen, and continues --> Emma Bickerstaff --> Mary Thompson --> Lydia Bell --> Jacob & Lydia (Fithen) Bell

It seems that the pronunciation of Bell sometimes migrates to Beal or Bale.

Jacob Bell
b. Nov 1824, Jefferson County, Ohio
d. 6 Feb 1915, Salt Run, Wells Twp., Jefferson, Ohio
Lydia Fithen
b. abt. 1826,
d. btw. 1880 - 1900
m. abt. 1843/44

Lavina Bell
b. 18 Sep 1844, Little Rush Run, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 9 Nov 1943, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: Scott Roe

Alexander Bell
b. 6 Mar 1848, Ohio
d. 8 Jul 1922, Kensington, Hanover Twp., Columbiana, Ohio

Lydia Bell
b. 8 May 1851, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 21 Feb 1930, Cross Creek District, Wellsburg, Brooke, West Virginia
Spouse: John Thomas Thompson
m. 23 Sep 1872, Jefferson, Ohio

Cruson (Crusin, Crewson) Bell
b. May 1853, Ohio
d. 20 Nov 1900, Mingo Junction, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: Mary E. Crooks
m. 26 Mar 1876

Mary E. Bell
b. May 1853, Ohio
d. 21 Oct 1927, Alikanna, Island Creek, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: William H. Thompson

Daniel Bell
b. abt. 1855

Josephine Bell
b. 8 May 1859, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 9 Oct 1932, New Alexandria, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: Eli Porter
m. 20 Nov 1892

Laura Bell
b. 20 Jun 1862, Salt Run, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 17 Jul 1941, Steubenville, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: John Crooks
m. 18 Mar 1880, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: Theodore Moses
m. 8 May 1905

Douglas S. Bell
b. 26 Feb 1866, New Alexandria, Jefferson, Ohio
d. 26 Jun 1936, Georges Run, Jefferson, Ohio
Spouse: Celena Boughner
m. ~5 Nov 1885

Frank Bell
b. abt. 1873

If you are a descendant of one of the members of this family or are researching this family, I hope you will please contact me using the contact tab on the left side of the screen.

Since Jacob Bell, my ggggrandfather, was born sometime during the month of November in the year 1824, I'm remembering him and wishing him a happy birthday with this post about him and his family. Happy Birthday, Grampa Jacob.

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  1. I have a Fithian family married into my Cooper/Griggs family. So I looked up my friend's family of Fithen and Bell.


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