Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Humility, Be Gone! The Annual iGene Awards at My Ancestors and Me

February's Carnival of Genealogy features the Annual iGene Awards for which each genealogy blogger chooses his or her own best posts for 2010 in five different categories. Thanks to Carnival of Genealogy hostess, Jasia, at Creative Gene for creating the Carnival.

We will dispense with naming all nominations for each category and move on to the most important part of this event, the presentation of awards.

For Best Picture the winner is Eyes That Engage the Camera. View this school photo of my father, Lee Doyle, and a post about his youthful appearance, personality, and a bit about his childhood.

Best Screen Play goes to Father, Daughter, Swimming Hole for the last photo in the post, one of children at play which will appear on your screen. The award for Best Screen Play also goes to Elizabeth for a more serious kind of screenplay. Follow Elizabeth from her childhood in a coal mining area of England, across the sea as she immigrates to America, marries, bears children, buys property, and suffers through the deaths of many of her children.

For Best Documentary a trio of posts receives the honor. They are Searching for Hannah, Finding Hannah, What I Know about Hannah. This details one of my first family history searches for one of my grandfather's siblings and the results of the search.

For Best Biography A Kind & Generous Woman wins this category. Watch Elvira as she marries and becomes a farmer's wife, has children, pulls up stakes and moves to another state a year after her marriage, returns several children later, and serves in her community as midwife.

The award for Best Comedy goes to A Big Radish, a post which originally received little notice but is the best comedy of the year on this blog. Henry grows a garden and almost misses the harvest. Imagine a children's story book or a short movie.

Thanks to all viewers and commenters on this blog. You make it so very worthwhile because it affirms that someone is reading. Thanks, again, to Jasia for hosting the Carnival of Genealogy.

If you'd like to view other iGene Award recipients, please go to Creative Gene in a few days when the results will be posted. (Or check back here and I'll post a direct link.)


I appreciate your comments and look forward to reading what you have to say. Thanks for stopping by.

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