Friday, May 20, 2011

My Brother's Birthday

I love this photo of my brother. He looks the imp, the scamp, the boy ready to jump into play. He also has just a hint of defiance in his expression. He's sitting beside our mom and at the time this photo was taken he was most certainly an only child. As an only we hope he was the apple of his mother's eye. There is little doubt, however, that he was not spoiled. It just wasn't in Mom to spoil us children!

He's my big brother, older by about 11 years. I think I took for granted the time he spent with me when I was a child but looking back, it's one of those things I cherish. He always made me feel special and loved.

He's celebrating his birthday today and I'm wishing him the happiest of birthdays.

Happy Birthday, Bob! I love you.


  1. What a great post. Isn't it amazing how much we can enjoy reading about families we've never met. Love the pic!

  2. Great pic. It's my brother Ted's BD today also, only I'm 11 years older.
    Interesting! Happy Birthday Bob and Ted.

  3. Nancy, because of the age spread between Abigail and her brothers, I do know what a great thing it was for your brother to take the time to be good to you. It probably wasn't always easy or natural. Lucky you, and lucky Abigail. I've always been grateful for the relationship she has with her older brothers! Send on my happy birthday wishes.

  4. Lovely photo - my Dad had "that look" as a little boy too...generally well-behaved but with a little dash of "naughty" ready to let loose :-) Jo


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