Friday, September 9, 2011

Another Year Come and Gone

This is my beautiful older daughter whose birthday we are celebrating today. I'm so grateful that she was born to me and has been a part of my life.

In the photo at right she's auditioning lace for a wedding veil. She will be married in a month. There's lots to do to get ready for a wedding (most of which I wasn't aware of until having to do it).

As I've been planning and preparing for the celebration, a Joni Mitchell song called "The Circle Game" keeps coming to mind. It tells about a young one's transition from childhood to adulthood. For me it's a poignant reminder about how quickly time passes; how toddlers grow into adults almost overnight; and about the relentlessness of time. It doesn't stop for us no matter how much we want a moment to linger so we can savor it. There have been many moments with Natasha that I wish could have lasted longer. I savor them only in my memory.

Happy Birthday, dear Natasha! It hope it's a wonderful one!


  1. Happy Birthday, Natasha. I wish you all happiness in your marriage too.

  2. Nancy, What a lovely tribute to your daughter! Have fun in these last few weeks before the wedding! Loved the slide show!

  3. Great site. A lot of thought and time went into your tribute. I much enjoyed it.
    Happy Birthday, Natasha.
    I tell all mom's to savor the time with their kids because you blink and they're gone.
    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! JLK/NK56

  4. Beautifully said, Nancy! I know just what you mean. Best wishes for your daughter's birthday and upcoming wedding!

  5. Thank you for the birthday wishes!!! Many moments that I wish could have lasted longer as well.


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