Tuesday, July 10, 2012

A Trio of Celebrations

Sometimes I think our family likes to keep the celebrations together. On several occasions weddings overlap birthdays and births happen on or near anniversaries or other birthdays.

In the case of my brother, Bob, and his wife, Eva, I know they didn't realize their wedding was on the same date as Bob's and my great-great-grandparents Dixon and Rebecca (Smith) Bartley's wedding. They couldn't have because we hadn't researched that far yet.

Dixon and Rebecca were married in Butler County, Pennsylvania, on July 10, 1838. Bob and Eva were married on July 10, 1999. A world of difference separates their lives but the similarities are love and a marriage in a church by a minister.

Happy Anniversary, Bob and Eva. I wish you love and happiness for many more years! Happy Anniversary, Gramma and Grampa Bartley. I hope lots of people you know are celebrating with you this year.

The other celebration today is the birthday of my brother-in-law, Chuck. I know Bob and Eva knew it was his birthday when they chose their wedding date but there were probably other considerations, too. And, well, it was probably almost like having a birthday party considering that all the family was together and everyone wished Chuck a happy birthday.

I'm wishing him a Happy Birthday today. I hope you feel loved and celebrated, Chuck! And here's to many years to come!

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